My Trip to Kodaikanal from Bangalore

Having done my studies in South India(Bangalore), I had heard great reviews about this place and being a travel enthusiast wanted to go there so much. When I got a chance, I really enjoyed my experience there.

In South India almost all Hill Stations are same. It will have a Echo Point, a Point From where you can see the whole city and plains, few waterfalls, probably a sunrise/sunset point, some zoo. Kodai is almost similar except that  there is this huge lovely lake within the city, where you can cycle around, which is  simply beautiful and adds to your experience.

kodaikanal lake


I have been to Ooty, Munnar, Wayanad(which is so not a hill station), Coorg, Chikmagalur but Kodai is my favorite. I had heard great things about Munnar too,but my experience was not so good. WHY?? Weather. See weather is the most important thing while visiting any hill station in south India. You might not believe ,but these so called hill stations are actually little hot in summers. These are not the hill stations with snow clad mountains rather they offer you lush greenery and pleasant weather. I somehow prefer to visit them in starting of rainy season, unlike most people. I just love the blooming flowers, the washed out feel, clouds passing through you, the perfect chilly weather, enjoying those hot samosas, sipping a cuppa tea and taking a light walk around. This is my idea of holidaying 🙂

kodai lake

Kodai Lake_Aerial View
Kodai Lake_Aerial View

Kodai has a huge lake within the city and you can rent a bicycle and paddle around the lake. Not that typical rent a boat types. With the lake in between, you cycling around, enjoying the awesome weather the experience is quite great. I just loved it. If your timing is right, you can actually feel as if you are paddling among the clouds. Once you are done, you can enjoy the local home made chocolates or whatever you prefer, there are quite a lot of eating options around.

kodaikanal garden near lake

Garden in kodai near lake

KOdai Lake_Kodaikanal

There is not much to do in the city, so a day or two is fine if you are planning to be only in Kodai. Apart from the lake, there’s Coakers Walk where you can take a walk along the hill side and enjoy the lovely sunset if sky is clear. Pine Forest is another place worth a dekho. Rest all places are just ok,s o don’t waste much time roaming around small places and getting bored. I would suggest that rather book a nice hotel, stay within the city, enjoy the rides along lake and just walk around the city and relax.

Coakers Walk
Coakers Walk . Image Source:Internet


Pine Forest_Kodaikanal
Pine Forest_Kodaikanal

Hotel Villa Retreat is one very good option and has best scenic view to offer. While having breakfast in morning, I actually felt like having breakfast in lap of nature which was such and beautiful and refreshing feeling. My visit was to Kodaikanal wouldn’t have been perfect without the beautiful stay in Villa Retreat. The food was really yummy there, something that I had not expected from a tourist place. My Trip to Kodai was a wonderful, wonderful break from my regular 9-6 Work Routine.

hotel villa retreat kodaikanal

kodikanal in morning_hotel villa retreat

Let’s Share : Been there? Liked it ? Have something to say? Know any other great hill station down south? Do share your views.

Latest Trends in Clothing

This is my very first article for my blog. And I am so excited  to start my own blog.

So what can be better to start with other than my love for fashion and colors 🙂 .These are such great times in World Of Fashion. There are so,  so many options to add style to your wardrobe. Today’s fashion is just not limited to a short skirt or a LBD or a shimmery sleeveless tops but you can go for   Neons, Laces, Color Pants, Sheer Tops, Jumpsuits, Hihg Low lines skirts,long skirts, Plazzos  etc etc.. the list just goes on..

Color Pants: Remember the Game “Tipi Tipi Top Top , Which Color You Want ” from our childhood days. Even in that we didn’t had as many colors as you can find in pants these days.Color Pants are such a happy break from the old boring Jeans and they are comfortable too .From soft Pastel Shades to Bold Red, you can now find pants are in all colors and every girl must own quite a few of them. These pants instantly add freshness  and life to your wardrobe. And these colors pants are so popular now that when boys are seen wearing them these days.  🙂

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Colorbar Nude Coral Creme Lipstick Review

This is my very first post on Cosmetics and thus I am starting with my latest fascination in the world of cosmetics.Lipsticks. I love the fact that how they add life  and brightness to your face instantly. Once I have started wearing them , I have realized how you can look all dressed up  just by adding some colors to your lips.So while dressing up, try to dress up your lips too:)

As part of latest fixation, I  have bought few bold shades like Reds and Pinks. But with the summers approaching I was looking for something that is not too bold and can be worn easily in day time. Corals  and Peach shades are the answers to that. I bought  few from Lakme 9-5 range/ Revlon but still had not found that perfect coral shade, until I saw-Colorbar Nude Coral Creme Lipstick. I had read some good reviews about this shade and while doing shopping one day,  stumbled upon Colorbar counter. So went straight ahead, checked out this shade, loved it instantly and bought it.


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