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Unconventional Gift Ideas for Your Guy

Thinking Why this post in a Girly Blog?. Well this is because the question: “What do I Gift to My Guy?” haunts the girls most of the times.Wallets,Perfumes,Clothes,Watches is what always comes to  mind and the advice of your guy friend is hardly any good :D. So I thought it would be good to club the various ideas I have and put it together on my blog.

unconventional gift-ideas-for-guys

You see for girls you can hardly go any wrong.Whatever you gift  to girls Tops/Jewelry/Perfume/Bags becomes another addition to our collection,if not unique also.But for guys that’s not the case.I mean, have you ever seen any guy with two wallet?  😉


So whenever you are buying gift for guys just take some time out and think about his Likes/Passions. With them it’s most likely that even if they like something they will not be shelling out a lot of money for it and would stick to the old stuff which is working for them!.I mean if your guy likes music and most likely if he has decent set of speakers he will not buy those awesome BOSE speakers even if he secretly wants to.He will not buy that Royal Enfield bike either.

My husband likes to play games.He’s totally hooked to it but was using the normal wired Game Controller and always just wished that it was Wireless.So I did some research and gifted him a nice wireless Game Controller.And he totally loved the gift.The reason,first he never thought I can gift him something like this and secondly since it gives him freedom to move easily and sit anywhere and play.

Another thing is a nice Mobile phone.Again my husband was tired of his Samsung phone and it’s numerous problems and wanted a new phone but was delaying it.So I did some research on good phones,read loads of technical articles,asked people around and got answer as Google Nexus.Went ahead and gifted him that.Google phones are just awesome phones for its price.Now its been so many months and he’s so happy with that gift and still praises me for my choice of gift 🙂

So I am jotting down some of my ideas here.Now for your guy,if :

He’s into Music:You can gift him nice set of speakers(by nice I mean BOSE or something similar,Sony is also good). Awesome Headphones (Sennheiser is a very good option, but costly) . Guitar.His favorite singer is in town?book the tickets.Collect his all time Favourite songs and make a playlist and save it/burn it so that next time when relaxing he can just play it and enjoy .

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He’s into Sports: You can gift him his Favorite Football Club’s T-shirt/Pullover .You can also get something customized with his favorite player pic.There are loads of options available online and offline to do so.If your city is having a football/cricket match,book the tickets and take him.Watch him scream till his throats are sore 😉 .. Gift him Golf Club Membership.

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He’s a outdoor person: Plan a short trip.Go Trekking. Go visit a Wine Factory nearby.Go for a adventure activity like Paragliding/River Rafting/Bungee Jumping etc.Go to a Music Concert. Go for a Stand Up comedy show.Go to a Game Arena.On my husband’s B’day recently I booked tickets for a Theater show.We both wanted to try theater but never pursued it seriously and when we went we really enjoyed it.Book a table at a 5/7 Star Hotel where you always secretly wanted to go but just left it in your thoughts.You can buy a Food Coupon in advance for few thousand bucks and on that day you can just enjoy your evening, not worrying about the bill :).So just explore your options.

He likes to drink: Gift him a Mini Bar. Buy him a nice Old Imported Blended Whiskey/Scotch.Gift him nice set of drinking glasses. .

He’s a Indoor Person: Gift him few board games like Scrabble.Gift him a nice book that he will read and add to his collection.Give him a Lazy Boy chair or bean bag to relax.Buy him an Xbox to play games.Gift him His favorite Movie DVD, another thing for him to add to his collection.

He’s into Photography: Gift him an Professional Camera so that he can click good pics of you 😉 . Enroll him into a short and good photography course you know of. Get any of his nice photograph enlarged and frame it.



Other Misc options: Book a couple spa and relax.Four Fountains Spa is a really good option that I have tried.Reviewed here.Gift him a nice trendy pair of sunglasses.

Cute Girly Ideas:  

  • Make small chits of various activities that you can do together.Like Going out for Dinner,Going for Movie,Spa etc and put it in a Jar and everyday ask him to take out a chit and do that activity.I did it and we both really enjoyed it.
  • Create a small slam book like of thing with your old pics,short stories may be some small gifts.After many many years when u both go through that it really cute and romantic:)
  • Gift him a toy he always wanted as kid and never got.I am not Kidding!!!.Read on.My friend once gifted her husband a helicopter as he always wanted that as a kid and never got it.So he was quite excited to get it and actually played with it. Another friend of mine says that he always wanted to sit in those small cars as a kid, but never got a chance.So now when he’s 20+,when he got a chance he actually did it.Can’t believe it right, but true.This is because the kid in the men never dies :). So this is also a cute option but don’t spend much in this as this will only last for few hours or days till the Men overpowers the kid inside :)..But those moments are just worth it 🙂

So next time you want to gift him just think and explore before picking something for him. Give him something that you have never gifted before 🙂

At last, to all the Guys and Girls Reading this.Got a gift that you really liked? Gifted him something that you are proud of ? Did something crazy for him? Do share with us.Drop your comments with more such exciting gift ideas.

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