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Make Yummy Mango Ice Cream at Home

I scream, You Scream , We all scream for Ice Cream. :). It’s summers and nothing makes one happy in summers than Ice cream and Mangoes. So how about a quick and simple mango ice cream recipe? And since this is my first post in this series, it had to be a dessert. I have a big sweet tooth. 😀

So this is what you need to make Mango Ice cream. It is quick and easy and yummy.

You Need

  • One nice ripe Mango. Choose a mango with nice taste.
  • Cream. I chose Amul cream
  • Sugar as per your taste

mango icecream

This is what you need to do.

  • Grind the sugar in a mixer/blender and make a nice smooth mix.
  • Cut mange into small pieces and put in the blender and mix along with sugar.
  • In a bowl take cream and whip it little bit till it looks smooth. Add the sugar and mix well.
  • Slowly keep on adding the mango puree and mix well, till the cream is soft and has a nice soft texture.
  • Keep in a bowl and place inside freezer
  • Once the Ice cream is half set, take it out and again mix in the blender . This makes your ice cream to be more smoother.
  • Once done, again place the mix in the bowl.
  • Finally, I added small chunks of mango to the cream mix as it gives a nice natural touch to it. Keep in the freezer and let it cool and set.
  • While serving, add little bit of mango puree or mango chunks and a mint leave on top.
  • Additionally,you can also add some mint leaves to the cream or roasted and grated dried coconut if you want.

This is how the end product will look like when u scoop it out. My above pic doesn’t do any justice to this recipe, even though it tasted yummy.

Mango IceCream
Mango IceCream. Image Source-Google

Isn’t it simple Girls? If there are any guys reading this post, you can also try this and surprise your partner :). This is super easy and yummy. Let me know  how it went for you.

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