Have you Chalked Your Hair?

We have options to frequently change our Shoes, Bags, Nail Paints, Clothes, Lipsticks then why not Hair Color? Probably that’s the idea behind “Hair Chalks”. Hair chalks is a new revolution in the world of  hair coloring and is gaining popularity among stylists and celebrities for its ease of use.

Recently I read about Hair chalks in a magazine and liked the idea of coloring your hair without spending a bomb. Instantly I had the urge to share this new trend with you all. This trend is quite popular internationally, but in India it is yet to become popular. This may be because it is not readily available around.


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Lakme Eyeconic-Grey Goddess Review

My love for colored eyeliner dates back in ages and I have tried many eyeliners from various Brands like -Maybelline, Chambor, Colorbar (Review Here),Avon, Lakme . Lakme Eyeconic range is what I am trying out now, as I absolutely love their Kajal. The current favorite of mine from Eyeconic range is Grey. It is a lovely Matt grey.  I didn’t like their blue as it is more on black side .Chambor has a lovely Matt blue, but after discovering Colorbar and Lakme Eyeconic I find Chambor little pricey 😉

Below are the shades that Eyeconic range is offering currently.

Kareena In Lakme Eyeconic1

Below are my two current favorites from Lakme Eyeconic. Black and Grey. I am planning to buy white next to be little experimental 😉

Lakme Eyeconic


lakme eyeconic kajals

Why the love for  Lakme Eyeconic:

  • Great Pigmentation
  • Doesn’t smudge. Really. Even though I have tendency to rub my eyes, it stays nicely for me.
  • Good staying power on upper lash-line. Around 5/6 hours
  • Very smooth and creamy and glides easily.
  • Really Easy on pocket.
  • Easy to carry while traveling
  • Waterproof

Downsides of Lakme Eyeconic:

  • Lakme Eyeconic kajal doesn’t stay for 10 hour as it claims. Though on upper eyelids it has good staying power, so I don’t mind it.
  • In waterline staying power is less than for Upper Eye Line. But Not a huge disappointment for me.
  • Since they are creamy and are retractile pencils if not careful, it breaks.
  • In Eyeconice range, all pencils look same(except white), so you have to read the pencil to identify the color.

Price : 199 for Kajal, 249 for Colored Eyepencils

lakme eyeconic kajals

Even if Eyeconic has these small downsides, I still love them for the price. No wonder they are such a huge hit among girls these days. I am sure most of you keep stacking them. Don’t you?


Summers and Sunscreens

Hei Girls, I am sure with the mercury rising up, your skin worries are also increasing. One of biggest worry is which sunscreen to choose. The sunscreen’s are usually quite heavy and sticky and hence many of us just skip wearing it. At least I have done that. But believe me, if you do so, your skin worries will only increase.


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My May Envy Box Review

Last month I told you about the concept of Beauty Boxes and one such popular beauty box in India is My Envy Box. I was quite happy with their products last month so I enrolled myself for May Envy Box too.

I discovered some very good products from My April Envy Box, one such product was ZA day cream for which I am going to buy the bigger size tube. Detailed review coming soon for that.

So for May Envy Box, this is what I have got.

May Envy Box

ZA True White Cleansing Foam:

Loved the ZA day cream so have hopes from this too. On first use it felt nice and is quite hydrating. No need to apply moisturizer after using this . It has small granules for mild scrubbing.

Price: 100Gr Rs 349s
ZA Cleanser

Eminence Sun Cream:

A product from Hungary and is  Organic. It has SPF 32 and is for all Skin Types .It is both a Sun Screen  and a Moisturizer. This is quite a popular brand and is paraben free 🙂

Price: 60 ML for RS 4393


H20+ Hand and Nail Cream:

H20+ has a nice range of products and I am happy to receive a travel friendly size hand cream from them . My hands tend to get dry and I really need a cream for hands only. On first usage my hands felt really smooth like butter and smelled  nice.It is not greasy at all. Looks Like I am going like this too, will do a review soon.

Price: 180ML for RS 1100

H2o Hand Cream

Innisfree Green Tea seed serum:

A product from Korea,It is a serum made from green tea (is that cool!!) that claims to enhance the skin texture by providing the desired moisture . Especially to be used during summer. Suitable for all Skin Type. Waiting to try it soon 🙂

Price: 80ML for RS1450

Innisfree Serum

Roberto Cavalli Perfume:

Though it is a sample sized perfume, but  I am liking the smell. I found it be quite different. It is a mix of fresh and sweet smell.Staying power is also good. Quite expensive though.

Price: 75 ML for Rs 5200.

Roberto Cavalli Perfume

In the end it is a mixed feeling for this months box and some products are good but wished  the product sample size was bigger for its price.

So Girls have you subscribed for your Envy Boxes already? What did you get in your Envy Boxes? Have you used any of the above products, what do you have to say about them?


The One Gift That Made Your Mom Happy

With Mother’s Day just passing by I was thinking about that the most beautiful and complicated relationship is “Mother-Daughter”. We all love our Moms but somehow when we are in our teens we don’t show that love to her. Many of us start feeling “Oh my Mom is so Irritating!!”, “Why she has to Interfere  in my life!!”, “Why can’t she  leave me alone!!” , “Why she doesn’t like whatever I pick up!!” …list is just endless.. But as we mature, we start to realize how much our Moms love us and how much she cares. We go to different cities and realize how much we miss her. How much we love her. How she is so important in our life. Again the list is endless.. So guess that’s why this mother day was invented. Someone was intelligent and mature enough to understand that we need to dedicate one day to the lovely ladies out there. And that’s our MOMS.


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Chicken Biryani with Side Curry

Today I am super duper proud of myself. This is because finally I prepared Chicken Biryani at home. Somehow I always thought that it is very difficult  to prepare it at home. After my successful experiment, I will say that it is not as hard as you expect , but yes takes around 1/ 1 and half hour of your time, but the happiness of enjoying it is worth your time 🙂


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Jacket It Up

Have you girls seen “2 States” Movie? Don’t you find Alia Bhatt cute ? I really liked her college look. Quite chic and trendy. I really liked how she has used short jackets to make her wardrobe fun.

These days jackets are becoming quite popular with ethnic dresses too and are not just limited to Jeans and Pants. See below pics to check how you can utilize this trend.

(Please ignore the bad quality of below pics, somehow didn’t find good quality pics for the movie stills.)

Alia Bhatt in Jackets
Alia Bhatt in Jackets

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Victoria’s Secret-Body Mist-Amber Romance Review

Looking for something that’s soothing and light and doesn’t feel too heavy like Perfumes. Well Body Mist is your answer.I recently came across Victoria’s Secret Body Mists. Yes, Yes VS has nice body mists and perfumes apart from other awesome things 😉 .I am happy that I own something from VS 😀

Victoria's Secret Body Mist
Victoria’s Secret Body Mist

VS has a huge range of Body Mist and Perfumes . I currently own Amber Romance Mist to start with. It has a light ,soft sweet smell. The good part is that the sweetness is just right and not too heavy. It feels like as if you are sprinkling fragrant water on yourself  🙂 .

How to Use:

Mist over body after shower for a nice, sweet smell. Someone I know mists it over before stepping into bed ;). I liked the idea as the smell is quite mild and not too distracting .

Victoria Secret AmberRomance
Victoria Secret AmberRomance


Around Rs. 1400 . Available at  Flipkart , Jabong.

Why The Love

  • Its a sweet,nice pleasant smell and doesn’t feel too heavy
  • It mingles so well with the body that It feels so natural
  • Lovely packaging
  • Has a decent staying power
  • Its from VS 😀  and you feel nice owning it 😀
  • Decent price for the amount you get.

Any Dislikes:

  • Not seen over the top counters and mostly one has  to rely on online sites. (I doubt the authenticity of many online sites for fragrances)
  • Wish Longevity was much more

Buy Victoria Secret Body Mist Online Here

So girls you if like body mist then VS has a huge range and you must try it out sometime. I am surely waiting to try out more from their range.

Simple Things That Made My Life Simpler

It is really interesting that how sometimes few small and simple things makes our life so easy. This post is about those few things. This is a very simple post for some simple things, which have become important  part of my day to day life .

So here we go, below are such three products. 🙂

Simple Things

1.Marks and Spencer -Roll On:

Its summers and you have a function to attend and are worried about those sweat stains!!. Do not worry, just buy this amazing roll on from M&S. Those of you who don’t know, Yes, M & S has some nice cosmetics collection too and they are quite decently priced. I have tried other products also from M&S and I am not disappointed with any product of theirs. Coming back to the roll on, I had almost given up on any decent roll on, until I discovered this. This roll on actually helps to control your sweat and leaves a nice fragrance  and it lasts for many hours. It doesn’t dry out like others and also doesn’t feel too sticky. A word of advice though, you should not use roll on much as it stops the  sweat which is actually not a good thing, so use it when you can absolutely not avoid it.

Price: Rs 199

Marks and Spencer RollOn

2. Cotton Wipes By Bella:

Cotton is also girls everyday partner. We need to use it for so many things but pulling it out from that big bundle is sometimes not so convenient. What I like about these wipes is that, you just take a strip dab your makeup remover on it , wipe over your face and done. Put some nail polish remover over it and done. You have to use these to understand how it makes your life easier. Also there is a added bonus, one strip has two layers, so you can use just one when needed. And the pack lasts for many months.

Price: Rs 94

Bella Cotton Wipes

3. Ching’s Schezwan Chutney:

Yes you read it correct. A cooking Item.This is another purchase of mine, that’s made my life easy. Whatever instant dish you wanna cook , just add a spoon of this and enjoy the nice spicy taste. I add use this for pasta sauce, pizza base, instant bread pizza, rolls,noodles and Paneer starters and more. You will get to know as I post more dishes . Stay tuned.

Price: Rs 54 for 250g

Chings Schezwan Chutney
Chings Schezwan Chutney

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. I will come up with more posts for such items that make our lives easy, without us realizing much about them :).  Do add on, if you have such items to add on :).