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The One Gift That Made Your Mom Happy

With Mother’s Day just passing by I was thinking about that the most beautiful and complicated relationship is “Mother-Daughter”. We all love our Moms but somehow when we are in our teens we don’t show that love to her. Many of us start feeling “Oh my Mom is so Irritating!!”, “Why she has to Interfere  in my life!!”, “Why can’t she  leave me alone!!” , “Why she doesn’t like whatever I pick up!!” …list is just endless.. But as we mature, we start to realize how much our Moms love us and how much she cares. We go to different cities and realize how much we miss her. How much we love her. How she is so important in our life. Again the list is endless.. So guess that’s why this mother day was invented. Someone was intelligent and mature enough to understand that we need to dedicate one day to the lovely ladies out there. And that’s our MOMS.


This is one day where can do something for her. Make her feel special and loved, rest of the days in the year she is doing that for us. :). Isn’t she?

I once gifted my mom nice heavy Gold Earrings and she loved it. She couldn’t stop boasting about it to her friends and relatives. I also asked my Girl friends around about the one gift  that made their Mom’s super happy. And this is what they said .


  • Took those Gold Saving Schemes and gifted her Mom a full gold set of her Mom’s choice. Of course her mom was ecstatic.
  • Gifted her ATM card to her Mom and told her to withdraw any amount of money , anytime she needs. Her mom felt so happy, independent and confident.
  • Took her Mom for a total health check up  and her Mom felt really cared and special.
  • Couriered her Mom a bouquet of Red Roses. Her mom was so surprised and happy, as her mom never received any gift in her name. So true isn’t it?  Have you ever seen a courier coming for your Mom.!!
  • Cooked for first time for her Mom, which really made her Mom proud and happy thinking that “Wow, my child can cook too!! “.
  • Booked her mom’s very first flight with her money. Her mom was super excited to be on a plane and super proud too.
  • Made a scrap book for her Mom, that had nice things written about her Mom by Friends and Relatives. Had rare family pics. Had pics of Mom’s parents. Her mom really felt touched and emotional.
  • Gifted her mom a Washing Machine. Of course  her Mom was happy and relaxed 🙂

Our Mom’s are simple people who just want be loved and cared. Simple gestures by us makes her so happy. So what is that you have done for her that’s made her happy. Do share with our readers so that we can also make our Mom’s  happy 🙂

In the end, I just have to say “I Love you Mom”. Thanks for being there for me always :). This post is for you 🙂

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