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Girls and Their Shopping Habits: The Good and Bad of It

Girls and Their Shopping Habits: The Good and Bad of It

Shopping is a Girls Best Friend and it is the time of the year again when Everywhere Everything’s is on SALE!!!. I am sure you are tempted to buy those things that were in your list from so long…So I thought of doing a fun post where we girls learn from each others shopping habits..The Good and Bad of it..


Me..I am a impulsive buyer I just pick whatever catches my eye..Mostly true for Clothes, Bags, Accessories and Shoes. I hardly have any list, I almost need everything every time 😉 ..I am quite open to experimenting with things and thus this gives me a chance to explore more.Cosmetics and beauty products however I don’t buy in impulsive manner and try to buy after some research.

What I don’t like about my habit is that I buy few things and save it for special occasions and man those occasions are rare. Most of these special items of mine just keep lying nicely in my cupboard.I am trying to get over this habit and utilize it in the moment..

On other hand I have a friend who is also a impulsive buyer but she knows how to utilize them.You will not see her with same stuff for more than 6 months or so.Whatever she buys she tries to make good use of that but she doesn’t repeat it around the same set of people.

Another friend of mine has this habit where she tries to control shopping for many months and eventually gets frustrated with her “No Shopping” mantra and then goes and buys God knows what. She mostly end up being unhappy with her shopping. But the good thing is that she doesn’t spend unnecessarily every month and thus is able to save those thousands bucks.

I know few other girls who buy items only when they are absolutely necessary and thus don’t overspend.

So this weekend when you hit those fancy Malls, do keep these things in Mind

  • Try to hit the stores when the SALE just begins and especially try to visit the stand alone stores rather than the mixed breed.In first few days they stock some really good designs.
  • You really liked something?And its on Sale!! ooh pick it up girl.. don’t leave it for next time,next Time you might not find it..
  • Already keep some items on your mind when you are hitting that mall, so that you don’t overbuy.
  • Had something in Mind from so long!!. Cut yourself some slack girl.If its on SALE then go ahead and treat yourself.
  • Some items that you want but are hardly going to use, like beachwear etc, utilize the SALE period for that.

And this is what you should be careful about:

  • Buying the clothes which are little tight. I know we all think that “This is so Cute/Smart/Sexy, let me buy this now and I will loose those extra kilos and wear this”. Believe me girls it’s of no good, unless you really have a strong will power of loosing weight. I have many such tops lying in my wardrobe, which have not seen the light of day in  past many years
  • Buying those hideously loose Kurtis/Tops is also not good. Some of you think “What if I Get Fat” or “This will help hide my inches”. Girls those clothes also don’t do any justice to your figure.Just learn to buy right fabric and design and please try to buy your size.This is help you look smart in whatever you are wearing.
  • Just because it is On SALE doesn’t mean that you have to buy it.Think if you are actually going to wear it.

Hope you enjoyed this post and will learn from some of the good things mentioned here.

Let’s Share : To the lovely readers, do share with us about the  Good and Bad of Your Shopping Habit.

16 thoughts on “Girls and Their Shopping Habits: The Good and Bad of It”

  • I don’t know which kind of abnormality I am.
    I like buying stuffs, like picking this and that but on my way to the cashier, I ended up just getting 1 or 2 because I don’t want to pay for the rest even if they were all on sale LOL
    I always see something that I think I might need and then ended up buying it. I do use/wear the things I bought.
    I prefer to buy things online or via website because I can just add everything I want to the cart and leave it like that. I always click the checkout button to see how much I will spend for all of the things, but very rarely I clicked the payment button xD I found that as a way to suppress the shopping expense. Although I do ended up kinda gloomy if I didn’t buy anything new in a month.

    • Thanks Sherly for stopping by and sharing your shopping habbits :).. Shopping is really a girl’s best friend and difficult to control at times.. and the card adding..I totally do that too..I just add everything and decide in the end what exactly I want to buy :).

  • The problem that i face during shopping is “Is it worth the amount or not!!” .. I end up paying more for simple clothes and regret later for buying it ..

    • Vasavi always try to check the cloth quality before buying,, there are many brands that are costly but offers good quality clothes, so it will be always worth it.. but there are also so many brands that sell bad/thin quality stuff for same price.. also u can try buying some nice branded stuff during Sale season.. also during sale try to buy something different than your usual buys.. this way you will not spend much and even if u don’t feel comfortable you will not regret much :).. hope this helps 🙂

  • Useful post at the right time Nish!! 🙂 many things that you have mentioned happens with me.. I do keep ur suggestions in mind when I walk into the shop next time.. 🙂 🙂

  • Nice tips…will keep them in mind. My bad habit is that I never plan anything..i just walk into the mall and grab anything that excites me 🙁

  • So true..Everything mentioned in the article happens with me 🙁 ..Buying tight tops in hope of getting slim and then out of frustration buying big sized clothes next time..
    Reading each line I felt thank god it happens with other gals too 🙂 😛

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