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Are You Monsoon Ready?

Are You Monsoon Ready?

Monsoon is a difficult season to deal with.On one hand it brings you relief from all that heat and gives you a pleasant weather,the beautiful greenery around but on other hand it also brings in that sticky irritating weather with mud all around.So with the monsoon finally hitting us I thought of doing a post of how to handle this monsoon.


1. Umbrella: An Umbrella is a must thing to have this season.Try to buy a foldable Umbrella that you can always carry around in your bag.Now since its a necessity doesn’t mean that you cannot add a dash of style to it.These days various companies are coming up with funky and printed umbrellas.I bought myself one such colorful and funky umbrella from TheElephantCompany.India Circus also has some catchy designs.

Colorful Printed Umbrellas2. Hair: There will be days when will you be caught in the rain and will get all wet.The most irritating part of getting wet is having those wet hairs.It’s irritating as well as you have chances of caching cold.So having a hair dryer is of real help this season.Now if you are not much into hair styling and all,just go for the basic hairdryers. Philips and Panasonic has some good budget options.I using one by Philips and it is doing a good job for me.

You also need to protect your hair this monsoon season.So do use a nice serum to protect your hair.I am using Moroccan Oil these days which is working good for me.Will be doing a review soon.

3. Footwear: Another important factor to consider this season is your footwear.Do not wear anything that is made of cloth material or leather.They will adsorb all the water and will be wet for a longer period of time.Again you don’t want the risk of catching cold.Jelly slippers are one good option and are available easily around and in all colors.I personally don’t like the plastic look that much though so I would prefer to go for some similar material slippers like rubbers or so. Also peep toe shoes are better than flip flops this season as flip flops will just expose too much of your skin to all that muddy water and also it splashes a lot of mud as you walk.

Monsoon shoes from pinktrends

4. Clothes: You have got to avoid Jeans/Denims this season.Jeans are so thick and once it gets wet it makes so uncomfortable. So instead of Jeans switch to something lighter like pants or cotton trousers. If you like you can also go for shorts or quarter length pants or knee length skirts. Anything other than those heavy denims will save you the discomfort.

5. A good Cleanser and Toner: This season is going to make to your face all sticky, so make sure you have got yourself one good cleanser at minimum and a good alcohol free toner. Neutrogena has some good budget options which I have heard good reviews of.

neutrogena cleanser and toner

6. A nice Pullover or Jackets: The last one is mainly applicable for Bangalore Girls.Monsoon is one time when it is slightly chilly in Bangalore and hence it is a nice time to take those lovely jackets out.Get yourself a nice pullover or a jacket that you can wear around whenever it is slightly chilly.

floral and printed jackets

Apart from these, always try to carry a set of tissue paper and some safety pins and a light stole in your bag ladies.You never know when you will need those this monsoon.

Just take care of these small things and try to enjoy the lovely monsoons with a hot cup of tea and some hot pakodas :D.If possible take a small break an visit some hill station nearby when it is not expected to rain that much.Hill stations are breathtakingly refreshing this season. I went to Kodaikanal in such a season and loved it.Read the story here.

Let’s Share.. What are your Monsoon Essentials?

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