6 Months of Blogging..6 Posts I loved Writing

Hi Friends,

Today I have completed 6 months of blogging.I Can’t believe its half year already,time just flew by quite fast.So today I was looking back and checking out my what all I have written so far.I have written some 40 articles so for and thought of doing a post on my Favorite 6.So here’s what I enjoyed writing the most..So go ahead and click and read the various posts if you missed any.

My FAv posts_Indian Blog_thepinktrends
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My Experiences With Coloring My Hair With L’Oreal Creme Gloss

Well Girl’s Last week I shared my Khoobsurat Moment using L’Oreal Creme which you loved.Thank you all for the compliments :). After publishing that post I thought that it will be a good idea to share about some of the notions around hair color.

We all love those colored hairs and want to get it done and yet somehow stay away from it.There are so many inhibitions that we have around hair coloring.I have been doing this from more than an year now and didn’t face much of problems due to coloring and hence thought that I should share my experiences with you all.

I am no expert to tell you about Myths and Facts but I am someone who has experimented with it and hence would like to share my experiences.

loreal paris casting creme gloss hair color say yes campaign

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My Khoobsurat Moment With L’Oreal Casting Creme Hair Color

Recently I came across the “Share Your Khoobsurat Moment” that  Loreal Paris was hosting and when I thought about it the moment that came instantly to my mind was the time of my Pre-Wedding Shoot.I had colored my Hair using Loreal Hair color and they looked so beautiful in the pics that I couldn’t stop adoring them.My friends went ga ga over my “To be Bride Look “,”My Pre Bridal Glow” and so on..I got so many compliments from close and long lost friends and I was really overwhelmed.I had done nothing special and it was just my Mac Foundation and Loreal Hair color.

My Khoobsurat Moment with Loreal Hair Color in Black
My Khoobsurat Moment with Loreal Hair Color in Black Photo Courtesy: ChromaSutra

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My Sunscreen Search Ends With..Loreal Paris Aqua Essence Sunscreen

For those of you looking for a Nice,Budget, Non-Sticky Sunscreen end your search with L’oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence UV Protector with SPF 30.

Loreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence Sunscreen

Today I am reviewing the new launch from L’oreal Paris in their range of Sunscreens.They had launched the UV tinted Sunscreen some years back which was quite a hit and this product also doesn’t fail to impress at all. Continue reading

Go From Tired to UnTired..Four Fountains De Stress Spa Experience: Bangalore

Recently I had shifted my house (read my experience here) and after marriage it is not an easy task At All…Now you have a home and a home requires many items to make it a home. Shifting as a bachelor was much easy,  just pick your bags and get ready to settle in a new house. So between the various tasks of finding a new house, packing my stuff  etc. , when I got a call from The Four Fountains Spa to try their spa services and write a review about them I couldn’t be happier. I was like wohoo someone is there to listen to my problems 😉 (For a guy shifting is like “Big deal,we will call a Movers and Packers, they will take care of everything, what you have to do !!!.. Like Really??!!)

I had taken their service before also (before I was a blogger) and I must say that they stand by their motto “Go from Tired to UnTired”. I had really liked their service last time also and had shared the lovely experience with my friends. This time I was excited to take the services again and was more into details while taking their services. I had to share this experience with a larger set of friends now 🙂

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Soya Chunks in Chinese Style

I must admit that I have never been a fan of Soyabean,until recently.I just realized that I have been eating it the wrong ie the boring way till now.I have heard a lot about its health benefits and all but never actually experimented with it.

Recently one day, I had nothing else at home than just a packet of Soya Chunks,so I took it and started making something with it.I started it as a normal dish that was just supposed to satisfy our hunger but it it turned out to be so great and tasty that I felt like I should share with you all.I am hoping that there will be people like me who have neglected it so far.So here is something fun that you can make with soyabean. I don’t have any name for it so Let’s Call It- “Soya Chunks in Chinese Style”soyabean in chinese style Continue reading

All My Bags Are Packed.. I’m ready to Go

“All my bags are packed..I am ready to go”..This is the song that gets stuck into my mind every time I’m packing,especially when it involves packing due to a place change. I am fond of Packing…It symbolizes a change that’s coming into your life..It gives you a hint that something different and new is coming into your life.Gives you something to look forward to..

All My Bags are Packed I am ready to go
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