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All My Bags Are Packed.. I’m ready to Go

All My Bags Are Packed.. I’m ready to Go

“All my bags are packed..I am ready to go”..This is the song that gets stuck into my mind every time I’m packing,especially when it involves packing due to a place change. I am fond of Packing…It symbolizes a change that’s coming into your life..It gives you a hint that something different and new is coming into your life.Gives you something to look forward to..

All My Bags are Packed I am ready to go

This new change for me is shifting to a new house within Bangalore.Not much of a change in terms of city but still nothing is going to be same from tomorrow.I have lived in this part of Bangalore from past 7 years and 4 years of that had been in the same locality..I just loved staying in south part of Bangalore..It is like a Home far away from Home…and my locality is like a mini North India in Bangalore.Such a young crowd around.Most of them IT employees who will be mostly seen wearing those I’d cards,dressed nicely,eating momos/pani puri/vada pav while they head back to home from office..I loved celebrating the different festivals here..whether it was Holi or Diwali or Christmas the roads were just decked up to give you the festive feeling..

After enjoying this for so many years, finally today I am saying goodbye to all this.I am moving into a new house into a totally new location.A Location which is totally alien to me..For these 7 years it was like as if this part of Bangalore didn’t exist only for me.But life is all about changes.So even if a part of me is still sad,other part is looking forward for new life, new challenges.I am waiting to get into new house and make it all nice and pretty.Though it is a rented house so the scope is little, but still looking forward for it ..And by the way PinkTrends gets a Pink Room in the new House.How Pink(Cool) is that ;).

I am looking forward for incorporating some good habits and kicking out bad habits of mine..I am planning to get up little early(Big Big commitment to self).Planning to eat more healthy and loose few Kilos in coming months.Do some exercises regularly.Planning to learn more experimental dishes(Masterchef Australia is really helping me to keep this spark going 😉 ) and many more.Will be doing a post in another three months ie 1 Nov to see how all this goes ;)…

I wish I like was like Salman khan..”Ek baar Jo commitment kar di to me khud ki bhi nai sunta”(Once I commit, I don’t even listen to self).

While I was packing my stuff I got hold of a box of greeting cards that I had exchanged with my husband years back (gladly people of our gen got to do it),some crafty things I had done!!(Now I don’t have the patience to do all that )..Hard Copy of some old pics..It was so good to look at all that..And I also found some of the things I had created for him and today  I was like..Really!! I did that..what was I thinking then;) 😉 …So sometimes packing is also about Self Discovery :D.

Let’s share: Do you guys also like packing or are you just sacred of it ?What does packing mean for you? Are you also trying to maintain any good habits. If so join the gang and let’s come back later and see how we are doing 😀

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