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Go From Tired to UnTired..Four Fountains De Stress Spa Experience: Bangalore

Go From Tired to UnTired..Four Fountains De Stress Spa Experience: Bangalore

Recently I had shifted my house (read my experience here) and after marriage it is not an easy task At All…Now you have a home and a home requires many items to make it a home. Shifting as a bachelor was much easy,  just pick your bags and get ready to settle in a new house. So between the various tasks of finding a new house, packing my stuff  etc. , when I got a call from The Four Fountains Spa to try their spa services and write a review about them I couldn’t be happier. I was like wohoo someone is there to listen to my problems 😉 (For a guy shifting is like “Big deal,we will call a Movers and Packers, they will take care of everything, what you have to do !!!.. Like Really??!!)

I had taken their service before also (before I was a blogger) and I must say that they stand by their motto “Go from Tired to UnTired”. I had really liked their service last time also and had shared the lovely experience with my friends. This time I was excited to take the services again and was more into details while taking their services. I had to share this experience with a larger set of friends now 🙂

I went to the The Four Fountains Spa in Bangalore, Kalyan Nagar  and took their Spa service and here’s my experience:

The moment you step inside the room you are welcomed by the friendly staff who will brief you about their various services while there is a light music playing in the background,with a dim lighting in the room. Your relaxing moments start as soon as you step in. They listen to your concern areas and suggest you the services you should go for. They also have a doctor to collect your health data and suggest you services accordingly.

Four fountain spa bangalore


Four Fountains have divided their spa services in four categories – De-stressingBeautyDe-toxificationImmunity. In each category again the products and technique used in each of the spa is specific to the purpose it is supposed to serve. For example they have Swedish massage that they suggest to people who are have a lot of muscle pain or those who travel more frequently. In this they apply more pressure during massage.



spa experience at the four fountains spa bangalore

Once your services are decided you are taken inside a dim lit room and are given disposable clothes to change.One more thing I liked is that you are provided another sheet of cloth to cover yourself. So at a given time only the area that is being massaged is exposed, leaving you comfortable. Then your massage begins and slowly you can feel all the pains going away and you going into a “Relaxed Place” and all you can hear is a soft music playing the in the background.Four Fountains spa bangalore kalyan nagar interiors

The masseuse is really good at her work and applies right amount of pressure and at right places. You don’t return with new pains ;). Another good part is that they actually give you massage for the duration that they mention. I checked the clock and mine was supposed to be for an hour and actually lasted few mins more than than :D. I also told the masseuse about some of my problem areas and she took care of that and made sure that my pains are reduced.

The Four Fountains Spa bangalore kalyan nagarOnce you are done there is a small shower room which has a clean towel, shampoo and liquid soap for you along with hot water facility. You can also ask for shower cap and a hair dryer later. So they have actually made sure that you don’t face any difficulty once you are there. And once you are out they offer you a hot green tea to complete your experience. They also give every visitor a balm that you can apply at your neck and shoulders at night which helps in better sleep.

I really enjoyed both of my visits there and strongly recommend to all of you who want to have a nice spa experience which is not priced exorbitantly and actually help you get rid of your pains. Try it whenever you are feeling low on energy or totally tired or stressed or just feel like pampering yourself. You will not regret it and if you walk in on weekdays you get to enjoy their services at discounted prices.

You can find more details about them here:

Let’s Share: Been there? Were you looking for a nice Spa Experience. This seems worth? If so, hope this post helps!!

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