Tutorial:Color Your Hair At Home With Loreal Casting Creme Gloss

Hi Girls,

Today I am going to share with you how to color your hair at home in few simple steps and save a lottt of money :). All you have to do is Mix, Apply, Wash. After trying this at home, I am never going back to salons.

(I was supposed to do this post weeks back but it just kept getting delayed. I am not yet habituated of taking Selfies and thus I had no after hair color pics to show you girls. Yesterday I managed to take some pics so thought of doing this post 🙂 )

Sometime back I had started to get my hair colored as henna was making my hair rough and I really wanted to try out different hair colors. First few times, I got it done in a salon and they charged me a whopping sum of money. After few visits to salon, I realized that there is nothing special they are doing for global hair color(full) and it can easily be done at home.

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Maybelline Colorshow Wine and Dine Review

Hi Girls,

How is Sunday going for you. Well for me I had a lazy Saturday so wanted to go out today.While getting ready I browsed through my nail paint collection (have a hugeee collection) and landed on Wine and Dine from Maybelline Colorshow range.

Maybelline colorshow_wine and dine

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The Mystery Of The Ghost Writer And Wheat- Part 20

Hi Guys, 

This post is in relation to the Celebrate Blogging Contest held by BlogAdda where we are writing a short story as a team. Hope you will enjoy the series of posts by my team.

Team Name: Blogstirrers

You can read Part 19(Click Here) which was written by Harshal for Game of Blogs by Blogadda.com

‘Find about Aryan Ahuja. Find what happened after Cyrus met him.Cyrus wrote a page about him on his blog-What Lies Beneath but his following posts are missing. I have my limitations but you have the resources.Use them.Do not, DO NOT tell about this to anyone,not even the ACP’.

Read Tara as a note was delivered to her.She looked around but no one was to be found.

After reading the note she immediately dialed to contact Cyrus.But he is in police custody.She tried contacting police station.But before she could give her name, she remembered the note-‘Do not tell about this to anyone,not even the ACP’.She disconnected the phone.She rushed outside and called up again from a public phone. This time she used some other name but was told that no one is allowed to speak to him.

Dishearten she went inside the nearby coffee house and ordered for her regular cappuccino.She kept looking at the note while sipping her coffee.

She was a lady of great strength.She had so many admirers.There were so many people who liked and appreciated her for her courageous nature and the kind of assignments she had taken upon.Some used to call her Dragon Lady.Yet today she was here,sitting alone,with no one to support her,with no to trust.

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The Mystery Of The Ghost Writer And Wheat- Part 15

Hi Guys, 

This post is in relation to the Celebrate Blogging Contest held by BlogAdda where we are writing a short story as a team. Hope you will enjoy the series of posts by my team.

Team Name: Blogstirrers

You can read Part 14 (Click Here) which was written by Shashank Sampathy for Game of Blogs by Blogadda.com

“Jennifer vanished from Police Custody???”. “She was in custody till date?”. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” “How did she manage to escape and why she needed to escape?”. “What information have you gathered from her so far?”

“I cannot tell you everything right now but all I can tell you is that Jennifer might be in danger and we suspect she might contact you. We suspect that Jennifer knew the reporter and they both were working on some secret mission. You also need to be careful. If she comes to meet you need to inform me. This is important for both of you.”

Jennifer was in ACP custody’s all these days and he didn’t reveal that to me !! If I could meet her just once, may be I could get some information. I thought the ACP was helping me,but this !!.Whom do I trust now..

Tara disconnected the phone and fell back on her bed. She looked at the other side of bed and it was empty. She missed Shekhar, tears rolling down her cheek. Just a few days back she was happy. She remembered asking Shekhar about her Anniversary present and today he is no where to be found. She didn’t want his complete absence as an anniversary present.

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Tea from our Kashmir-Kashmiri Kahwa

We Indians have a special love for Tea.It is such a integral part of our lives.Whether its waking up with a cup of tea or getting energized up with it or catching up with a friend or just sipping it for taste.And its just not the occasion which is different for each person it is also the flavor preference.Some of us like our tea with Ginger,some Elaichi,some prefer lemon tea and so on.The way tea is prepared also differs from state to state.That is why India is such a country of cultural diversity.

Today I bring you another such flavor of tea from our Heaven Kashmir.It is called as Kahwah.My husband’s colleague from Kashmir told him about this tea and was really sweet to get the leaves for him,so that we can try it at home :). It is basically a green tea but is rich in flavor of Indian Spices.It is such a different form of tea and must be tried by every Indian once.

Kashmiri Tea_Kahwah

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Contest Alert : Win L’Oreal Paris Goodies in Association with Flipkart:Closed

For ages Diamonds was said to be a Girl’s best friend but the one secret best friend every girl has is Chocolate. Isn’t it girls? Which girl doesn’t like to dig in that chocolate cake or die for that last piece of Cadbury Silk :D. Looks like creative team at L’Oreal know this about girls and hence they have come up with exclusive chocolate shades for your hair.Now you can have chocolate for your hairs too.

Would you like some chocolates for your hair then it couldn’t get easier than this.Read this post for the details,comment below and stand a chance to win L’Oreal Hampers.

L’OrĂ©al in association with Flipkart have created a special Flipkart store for you girls called as Say Yes to Colour store on Flipkart. This store has the rich chocolate shades of Casting CrĂ©me Gloss range and various products that accentuate the look.One of them definitely identifies your personality.

loreal casting creme gloss in association with flipkart

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The Mystery of Ghost Writer And Wheat – Part 8

Hi Guys, 

This post is in relation to the Celebrate Blogging Contest held by BlogAdda where we are writing a short story as a team.Hope you will enjoy the series of posts by my team.

Team Name: Blogstirrers

You can read Part 7 (Click Here) which was written by Shashank Sampathy for Game of Blogs by Blogadda.com

“Is it her husband who has these answers!!?” Tara kept looking at the fan,the body,the room.She kept wondering “Why”,”How”,”How is Jennifer connected to this reporter”.Lost in her thoughts,she was interrupted by the police constable who asked her to leave the room and let them do their duty.

She left tired and restless.By now she had totally forgotten about her upcoming Anniversary and the gift she was supposed to get for Shekhar.When she opened the door,she saw Shekhar busy with her phone.She just smiled and thought that may be Shekhar is planning a surprise for her.Shekhar might be an introvert person but he has always been expressive about his love to Tara.From sending her a coffee across to surprising her on anniversaries.May be it was this charm of him that got Tara attracted to him.

She remembered about her last anniversary when Shekhar suprised her by taking her to a fancy dinner at her favorite restaurant,by the beach.He had also arranged a special music performance for Tara.They both had a nice romantic evening.

A smile came to her face and for few minutes Tara forgot about her doubts and just remembered the love they shared.

She headed for the bed to catch some sleep.Tomorrow was going to be a big day for her.She wanted to sleep but the questions kept haunting her.Tossing in her,she finally woke up in the middle of night to fetch some water.

“Hi,I know it’s late but can you meet me tomorrow morning.I will book your flight.I need to talk to you”.A message beeped in late hours on Cyrus phone.

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The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose Perfume Review

Hi Gorgeous Ladies,

Some one time back I wrote a post on 5 Budget Perfumes and that list had my latest favorite – The Smoky Rose by TBS. Keeping in mind the ongoing sale season I have been waiting from sometime to get a good deal on this perfume but every time I went to TBS counter I didn’t find exclusive deal on this one so finally I couldn’t resist it and bought it :).

This is my first detailed post on a perfume as I couldn’t resist not putting this up.Those of you looking for a nice mature and sweet perfume this one by The Body Shop is your answer.

white musk smoky rose by the body shop

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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Hi Friends,

We all love weekends but most popular question of a weekend is “What do I make for breakfast Today“. Isn’t it. So that’s why I bring you few quick recipes that are healthy and taste yum.

1. Masala Oats Pancake: Gone are the days when Oats were a boring thing to eat. Now with the invention of Masala Oats there is quite a lot of things that you can make with oats.The good part is that they are healthy and taste quite good.You can just put them in boiling water and eat straight away or mix some onion,tomato,peas etc to it and eat it.I personally like the Masala ones from Saffola. If you want to be little more inventive here’s the recipe for you.

Masala Oats Pancake_Breakfast Recipe


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