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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Hi Friends,

We all love weekends but most popular question of a weekend is “What do I make for breakfast Today“. Isn’t it. So that’s why I bring you few quick recipes that are healthy and taste yum.

1. Masala Oats Pancake: Gone are the days when Oats were a boring thing to eat. Now with the invention of Masala Oats there is quite a lot of things that you can make with oats.The good part is that they are healthy and taste quite good.You can just put them in boiling water and eat straight away or mix some onion,tomato,peas etc to it and eat it.I personally like the Masala ones from Saffola. If you want to be little more inventive here’s the recipe for you.

Masala Oats Pancake_Breakfast Recipe


  • Chop a tomato,Onion,green chilly,coriander.Mix together and add packet of masala oats.
  • Crush pepper and add to the mix.Add salt as per taste.
  • Instead of water, pour buttermilk and mix well to form a mixture. This will give a tangy taste to your pancakes.Make sure it has nice consistency and is neither runny nor too thick.
  • Put a small amount of butter in a pan and pour this mix and let it cook for some time.Turn over and cook the other side too.
  • Serve hot with ketchup.

2. Cabbage Mayo Sandwich: This is again a easy sandwich to make and tastes quite good.In many places they serve you cabbage with mayonnaise sandwich but I don’t like raw cabbage with mayo so I added my twist to it and it tasted quite good.This is what I did.

Cabbage Mayo Sandwich_Breakfast Recipe
Cabbage Mayo Sandwich
  • Take some cabbage and grate it.
  • In a pan put few drops of olive oil.Add grated ginger.Add grated cabbage.Add crushed pepper and salt to taste. Saute for few minutes and let it cool a bit.
  • Add mayonnaise to this mix.
  • Take two slices of bread and put this cabbage+mayo mix inside.Add bit of butter to the bread and put in sandwich maker for few minutes.
  • Serve hot with sauce of your choice and shake.

3. Instant Bread Pizza:This is quick fix for your pizza cravings at any time and also is a good substitute to your bread toast.

Instant Bread Pizza
Instant Bread Pizza
  • Take a slice of bread and add some sauce over it.I use Ching’s Schezwan Chutney Sauce.
  • Chop onions, capsicum, tomato. If you like corn then just boil them and add them too.Put this mix over your bread.
  • Sprinkle crushed pepper/oregano flakes/chili flakes whatever you like.Add salt to taste.Grate cheese over this stuffing.
  • Put inside your oven for few minutes and done.
  • Serve hot with sauce of your choice.

P.S.: Don’t throw those chili flakes and oregano flakes pouches you get with your Pizza,they come so handy.

Hope you liked these quick breakfast recipes. Hope to see them cooking in your kitchen soon 🙂

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