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The Mystery of Ghost Writer And Wheat – Part 8

Hi Guys, 

This post is in relation to the Celebrate Blogging Contest held by BlogAdda where we are writing a short story as a team.Hope you will enjoy the series of posts by my team.

Team Name: Blogstirrers

You can read Part 7 (Click Here) which was written by Shashank Sampathy for Game of Blogs by

“Is it her husband who has these answers!!?” Tara kept looking at the fan,the body,the room.She kept wondering “Why”,”How”,”How is Jennifer connected to this reporter”.Lost in her thoughts,she was interrupted by the police constable who asked her to leave the room and let them do their duty.

She left tired and restless.By now she had totally forgotten about her upcoming Anniversary and the gift she was supposed to get for Shekhar.When she opened the door,she saw Shekhar busy with her phone.She just smiled and thought that may be Shekhar is planning a surprise for her.Shekhar might be an introvert person but he has always been expressive about his love to Tara.From sending her a coffee across to surprising her on anniversaries.May be it was this charm of him that got Tara attracted to him.

She remembered about her last anniversary when Shekhar suprised her by taking her to a fancy dinner at her favorite restaurant,by the beach.He had also arranged a special music performance for Tara.They both had a nice romantic evening.

A smile came to her face and for few minutes Tara forgot about her doubts and just remembered the love they shared.

She headed for the bed to catch some sleep.Tomorrow was going to be a big day for her.She wanted to sleep but the questions kept haunting her.Tossing in her,she finally woke up in the middle of night to fetch some water.

“Hi,I know it’s late but can you meet me tomorrow morning.I will book your flight.I need to talk to you”.A message beeped in late hours on Cyrus phone.

He knew what this could be regarding and wanted to say No but couldn’t and replied “Ok”.He knew Tara had good contacts in the industry and that will help him establish a good client base in future.

“Ok”.Read Tara and took a deep breath.While she took that last sip of water,she remembered meeting Cyrus a year back.

She was hosting a talk show where she noticed this tall,fair guy with curly hair and serious looks,sporting a small beard,raising some very good questions.After show wrapped up,she met him in passage and told him that she liked the intensity of his concerns.Before he could say thank you,he was surprised by her next question.“Why do you wear such thick specs?”

“What?” Replied Cyrus.

“Yes, those specs.You have a good height and face but why the specs.A guy your age should dress young”.Replied Tara.

Tara was a confident lady and even in her mid 30’s she looked not more than 28.She constantly kept telling Shekhar also to stay fit but his projects kept him too busy.

Cyrus Daruwala,a Law Student from Delhi couldn’t help but stare Tara.She was a big personality in Media world and she was talking to him.By the time he realized what just happened,Tara had left the place.

Cyrus was from a small village in Gujarat and was born in a business family.Although it was a obvious choice for him to continue his father’s business,he was never interested in it.He didn’t wanted to have a life like his parents and wanted to live a king size life.He possessed very good communication skills and had represented his school in various debate competitions.He was once selected for a National level debate which was to be held in Delhi.The moment he landed in Delhi,he decided that this is the place he wants to be in.

As luck had it,Cyrus met Tara again in an event organized by one of Tara’s friend.

“You look too serious to be here!!” said Tara to Cyrus.

Cyrus was always astonished to meet Tara.A successful lady like her being so approachable always surprised him.

But this time he replied “But this is where the opportunity is.Everyone who’s someone is here”. I want to build a good client base before I start my Law practice.”

“Too ambitious for your age” said Tara.Cyrus just smiled and said “Took me many years of hard work to reach here,I don’t want to be lost in crowd again”. 

Before Tara could respond,she was interrupted by Jennifer.

“Hi,this is Jennifer here and who is this young guy you are talking to?”

“This is Cyrus,a budding Lawyer,who is here to make some good contacts”.

Tara was called by her friend while these two were left talking to each other.After few minutes when Tara looked for Jennifer,she saw her giggling and flirting with this young guy.

“You are not asleep yet”? Shekhar’s voice interrupted Tara’s memories.Shekhar was also having troubles sleeping after the day’s events.

“Oh,just getting some water “said Tara.

She wanted to ponder her thoughts to Shekhar and ask him everything.But how could she tell him that she is having doubts on him.After all these years of her marriage,how can she have her faith shaken by today’s incident.

She knew she will get some of the answers when she meets Cyrus tomorrow.



So how did you like my part of the story?Excited to read what happens next?

Read the next part here

Note: “Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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