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The Mystery Of The Ghost Writer And Wheat- Part 15

Hi Guys, 

This post is in relation to the Celebrate Blogging Contest held by BlogAdda where we are writing a short story as a team. Hope you will enjoy the series of posts by my team.

Team Name: Blogstirrers

You can read Part 14 (Click Here) which was written by Shashank Sampathy for Game of Blogs by

“Jennifer vanished from Police Custody???”. “She was in custody till date?”. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” “How did she manage to escape and why she needed to escape?”. “What information have you gathered from her so far?”

“I cannot tell you everything right now but all I can tell you is that Jennifer might be in danger and we suspect she might contact you. We suspect that Jennifer knew the reporter and they both were working on some secret mission. You also need to be careful. If she comes to meet you need to inform me. This is important for both of you.”

Jennifer was in ACP custody’s all these days and he didn’t reveal that to me !! If I could meet her just once, may be I could get some information. I thought the ACP was helping me,but this !!.Whom do I trust now..

Tara disconnected the phone and fell back on her bed. She looked at the other side of bed and it was empty. She missed Shekhar, tears rolling down her cheek. Just a few days back she was happy. She remembered asking Shekhar about her Anniversary present and today he is no where to be found. She didn’t want his complete absence as an anniversary present.

Tired and lost in her emotions she didn’t realize when she fell asleep.

She woke up next morning with the door bell. It was her maid. She didn’t wanted to see anyone now and sent her back. She didn’t wanted to go to office as well and called off for the day. All she wanted to do was to find the truth and get Shekhar and Roohi back.

She wanted to begin the day with where she left yesterday. She opened her laptop and typed “Cyrus Daruwala”

Every time I meet her there is a charm that I cannot resist.You look at me with those glittery eyes and all I want to do is get lost in them.I can never forget the first time I met you.The first time you looked at me..

Tara stumbled upon this page but left it thinking that it might be about Jennifer and that she needs to find something that leads her ahead, so she kept looking.

Jennifer had a tough time coming out of custody. She knew she will be in deeper trouble if she leaves the jail premises.That was a safer option for her as of now but she had recently discovered about Aryan Ahuja and she had to gather more information about him. She had recently read this piece by Cyrus on one of his Blog-“What Lies Beneath

Today I knocked on that door that I wanted to go in from long. Expected a middle aged guy but a old man came out. I was looking for Aryan. The guy I suspect to be behind the “Ghost Writings”.

The old man offered me some cookies and said ‘Sorry,I don’t  have much to offer.If I was rich like Mr Ahuja,I would have offered you a heavy snacks. No one comes to meet me but what brings you here,young boy?’

‘So you are not Aryan Ahuja?’ I asked with a big frown on my face.

‘No.I am Mohan Dutta. His neighbor. Mr Ahuja is a big man but recently he had many visitors.’

‘Who came in most recently?’I asked inquisitively.

‘Ah,there was this nice man with bald head and belly and ya a french beard. He had such a charming personality. He even inquired about my health and told me he will visit me soon. I haven’t seen him since then. He had some story for Mr Ahuja. Ahuja’s love for books is well known. He has a unique collection of books. Not everyone is allowed to see that. He is little mysterious guy too. I always thought he had something to hide.’

‘Are you also a writer and came here to show him your stories?’ The old man asked me. I said yes and thanked him for his courtesy lifting that cookie and hurried towards Mr Ahuja’s house.

Jennifer kept reading the blog printouts that was delivered to her while she was in custody. He had some strong connections in the industry and had managed to her hands on this information.

In the end of the page a note read “12:00 AM Today at Gate 4. All arrangements has been done. See you outside”.

So how did you like my part of the story?Excited to read what happens next?

Read the next part written by Priyanjana Roy here.

Note: “Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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