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Anarkali Shopping in Bangalore.. My Experiences and Take on Shops

Anarkali Shopping in Bangalore.. My Experiences and Take on Shops

I love Bangalore a lot but the one thing I hate most about Bangalore is that it gives you a hard time when you want to shop for any ethnic clothes here. Even if you are willing to spend loads of money, there is nothing that you will be totally moved by. It is not like Delhi or Bombay where you go out one day and you get so many options and the struggle that you have is “Is this good or the one I saw before was better 😉 ” 

A year back, when I was looking for my wedding lehenga I had a hard time finding it. I would have checked almost all places in Commercial Street and around. Yesterday I had to help my girlfriend pick a nice elegant Anarkali and I knew we are gonna struggle again. We roamed around the filtered shops (from my previous experiences) and finally we were able to get a good decent one. So after the hectic day I thought of putting up a post for you girls so that at least your efforts are reduced next time :).

So here’s a comprehensive list of places we went to and my experiences of the same

Elan – IndiraNagar  : Nothing Good. Ignore
Elan-Commercial Street : You can check out once. Had some nice pieces around 7K plus. If you are looking for Pakistani style suits ( the long Kurtis with the Palazzo type pants ) they had some good designs within 10K

Samyakk- Richmond Road : Samyakk is one place in Bangalore where you are most likely to get some decent options in whatever you are looking for. We did find some decent anarkalis there in 5K+ .Nothing exclusive types but quite decent. There were few beautiful pieces in 20K+ range which I was drooling after.

We checked out few Saree’s there too .The plain ones with heavy blouse types. Decent options within 10K. Again nothing wowwww like though.

Varsidhi- Commercial Street : Well I had many hopes from this place but turned out to be quite disappointing for Anarkalis.

Checked out few sarees too. Nothing great though.

Oh but they had a beautiful range of lehengas. Lovely. But priced slightly high. The plain lehengas with those nice contrast border and heavy top were 30+ ..Like really ??? .. But worth checking out..

Mysore Silk Udyog- Commercial Street: A one stop shop for all your clothing needs. Slightly highly priced but has good stuff. Word of caution- Over over crowded on weekends. Sadly for Anarkalis they don’t have anything in ready made range, there are few which are priced over 30K ( a sales guy said) .They just have panels and you need to get them stitched.

Also tried to check out few fancy saree’s but it was so damnn overcrowded that we couldn’t stay any longer.

Soch-Commercial Street: Soch is always a gamble in my view. Worth checking out once but it’s not guaranteed that you will find something . Last time I had bought few decent saree’s for my in laws and this time there was nothing that we liked. Nothinggg at all.

Wow-Commercial Street: We checked this also but don’t remember any piece in particular. So nothing much to comment on.

Biba-Commercial Street: Nothing that you can pick for wedding.

Meena Bazaar -Commercial Street: This is a famous chain in Delhi and Thank God it is now in Bangalore too. The price range is on the higher side. Not much options within 10K ( at least in this store) but around 15K+ there were some beautiful pieces. Nothing out of world types but very very elegant and pretty. Had nice Saree collection too , around 10K , but I felt that they are not stocking up the Saree’s as per fashion. I saw same Saree’s I had seen 6 months ago. If you want something beautiful, neat and elegant and have a budget of 10K+ then you must check this one out. Do not miss.

Clove-Commercial Street:This was the last shop we visited .We went inside with very little hope but was surprised that they had a better collection than all other shops. We liked many pieces there and finally bought one for 5K. Wohoo, finally something. And at this price. Looked a great deal to us after going through so many shops, stocking such costly Anarkalis, but nothing really worth it.

Here is a picture for you girls of what we bought.

Anarkali Bought in Bangalore

















Sorry don’t have any pics to show you girls from other shops, as all shops have this stupid policy of No Pics. As if they have some designer pieces which someone is gonna steal.

Apart from this list I had once bought a decent Anarkali From Rangoli in Jayanagar within 5K. They might have good options in higher range. Check out the shop if you stay nearby

And for those who say go to Chickpet. ‘Bhai koi naam btayega of the shop to go‘ ( Someone please tell me exact names of shops to go ). There are just so many of them and its a huge place to get lost in. One can do this much research only you have things to buy in bulk or have really great amount of time and energy. I don’t have much patience to roam otherwise.

So girls I am hoping that this was a helpful post for you all. Hope you don’t have to struggle much as me :). If you know of any other places  where we can get ethnic clothes in Bangalore within range of 10K please drop in your comments. No self promotion please.

Let me know if you want me to cover the series for Lehenga Shopping in Bangalore.

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