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Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment: A Treat For My Hairs

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment: A Treat For My Hairs

Ever since I started blogging and became more active on social media this I was one oil I saw everywhere. Bloggers were raving about it, stylists and salons were recommending it. Even when I went to my my salon-Bounce( a decent salon in Bangalore) they also started about it. So finally I bought it. This oil is rich in Argan Oil ( A oil supposed to work great for hairs and a hot buzz in Industry) . Though I was little guilty after buying it as I have never bought such costly hair oil/serum but once I started using it , I am liking it a lot.

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Though it goes by the name Moroccon ‘Oil’ , I would say that it is more of serum like. You can’t do champi ( Oil massage ) with this one, nor apply it the way you apply a normal hair oil. It is mostly to be a used as how you use a serum .Take a small amount, rub between your palms and apply to your hairs and tadaa you have nice soft frizz free hair. You can apply it to damp or dry hairs.

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 Why The Love:

  • Helps control the frizz by smoothing it and adds a healthy shine to my hairs
  • Helps to smoothen and soften my thick hairs. Hair feels damnn soft instantly
  • Rich in Argan Oil
  • Just a drop or two is enough.
  • I have not noticed any additional hairfall
  • The pump helps in getting small amount of it out
  • Doesn’t weigh down my hairs
  • The effect lasts for two days on me 🙂
  • Works as a heat protector too. Great for those who constantly keep styling their hairs
  • Free from Alcohol
  • Comes in a smaller size also (I didn’t find that in my salon though)


  • It is quite Costly. If it was under 2K , I would have loved it.
  • Available only at major salons
  • If you apply more quantity your hair will become sticky
  • It has a smell which many might not like
  • The glass bottle is not travel friendly
  • Contains cyclomethicone and dimethicone which belongs to silicon family. So its not silicon free as some claim it to be

I have dry and thick and frizzy hairs and it is working out good for me by controlling all that and plus no additional issues . So overall I am happy with it. I love the way it gives a sophisticated and polished look it gives to my otherwise dry and frizzy hair.

Even though I don’t use it everyday, still I feel that regular use of it is not going to improve your natural hair quality, it is just going to give a polished look and feel. I am still a “Champi Girl” at heart and nothing beats the regular usage of proper hair oil.

Price: Rs 2430 for 100 ml

Pink Love : 4/5

Will I Buy It? Mostly yes, unless I find another equally great product for lesser price.

Shall You Buy it ? If you are experimental one or have quite frizzy hairs or willing to spend on a good product for your hairs , then heck yes.

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