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How I Organized My Dressing Table and Sorted My Life

How I Organized My Dressing Table and Sorted My Life

Hi Girls,

How to organise your cosmetics table

If you are one disorganized person like me, then this post is totally for you. I am a kind of girl who organizes her stuff, then messes it up and then organizes again and life just goes on. Every morning I run between my rooms to pick the stuffs lying here and there. Thus wasting those precious five minutes ;).

So one fine Sunday, I got up and decide to clean up my mess. And girls, for the two hours that I spent that day, I am enjoying the results till date. The way I have organized this time, it will be a long time before I mess this up again :D. So well done to myself . Pat on my back ๐Ÿ™‚

Thus today I bring you a very simple way of organizing your stuff without investing much on any fancy storage boxes. You just need to understand two things. Read on for more.

So here’s what I did..

First, I studied my requirements and resources..Ha I am talking like a software Engineer ;)..But this really helped me stay sorted.

Requirement: I use different set of make up for my office and causal outings. I mean I don’t wear bold lipsticks or eyeshadow etc for office, so I ย can keep them separate. Thusย I wanted to organize them the way I access them.

Resources: I have a dressing table with 4 drawers . I had some very nice sturdy boxes in which I had received the make up samples from My Envy Box.



So Here’s what I Did..

In one drawer I kept all things I need on daily basis

  • My light/neutral shaded lipsticks
  • My daily wear perfumes
  • My Moroccon Oil (Reviewed here) ย which I apply whenever my hair are too frizzy or whenever I feel like
  • Cotton swipes which I need to wipe out ,my kajal etc
  • Few of my most worn earrings
  • My H20 Hand Cream(Reviewed here) and M n S hand cream

The other Drawer had Things I need When I am going out.

  • My dark shaded lipsticks
  • My statement neck pieces
  • Eyeshadows,ย Masara etc etc
  • Perfume
  • His watch keys and perfume (See a guys life is so simple, this is all the space he needed )

The bottom drawers had things which I need but not so frequently

  • My nailpaints
  • Some creams
  • Random stuff

In the other bottom drawer I kept all of electronic items. I need on weekly/monthly basis but not daily

  • My Philips straightener
  • Philipsย epilator
  • Philips trimmer
  • Hair Dryer


(When it comes to personal care electronics I somehow trust Philips mostly. Safest bet always)

how to organize my dressing table

Misc Stuff:

  • Apart from this I have kept all my eye liners ,eye pencils, mascara , sindoor in one box. I wrapped a nice paper around it and stuck a rose on it. Just to give it a nice look.
  • My Bangles and earrings which I need once in a blue moon are in separate boxes which are kept along with the saree’s

how to organize my kajal

So now I feel I am quite sorted out. I need notย run between my rooms to find my stuff anymore.

I am super duper happy with the way I have stored out my part of life ;). I would recommend you girls also to spare few hours and do the same and see how simpler is your life from next day.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your thoughts on the post and also how else you organize your stuff ?

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