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Goa Diaries 1: Why to Go, When To Go, Where to Go, What To Do

Goa Diaries 1: Why to Go, When To Go, Where to Go, What To Do

Hi Friends,

I am just back from my amazing vacation from North Goa  and the first thing I wanted to do is share my experience. There is so much of information that I want to share across. I am planning to do two posts in this series. Post 1 – With the information of what to do in Goa, where to go and why you must go. Post 2- The various beaches of Goa and what you can enjoy in each beach. Hope you will enjoy these series and find it useful.

goa diaries_2014



Goa means different things to different people. For some it’s about the beaches and water sports, some food, some booze, some just the fun. For me, it was the carefree life. The days spent there was all about roaming around in the lanes of Goa, not bothering about your clothes, just enjoying the sun, sand, good food and music.

what to do in goa

To Do in Goa

Goa is unlike any other place you would have visited in India (It is an ‘Out of India’ experience, like we say ‘Out of the World’ experience 😉 ). In Goa, you will find foreigners roaming comfortably on the beaches in bikinis. In Goa you can start your day with beer/booze and end with it. In Goa you will find more pubs/brewery than tea shops.

There is just so much to GOA.

arjuna beach_goa

For the water lovers, there are so many activities that you can try apart from just enjoying the waves. I am shit scared of water and hence I couldn’t try Banana Ride or similar water sports. I did try Parasailing though and it was fun. For few seconds I was in the air, it was just PEACE. Must , Must try it. More on this in Post 2.

parasailing in goa

I have been to many places in India and always felt that the place has so much more scope of improvement. But in Goa, I just liked it the way it is. I liked how some of the beaches are quite commercialized and are more happening and some just calm and serene.

candolim beach_goa_india1

I can just go on and on about Goa, but don’t want to make it a very lengthy post .So here are some quick information for you all.


  • Sunglasses. It gets quite sunny in Goa
  • Sunscreens with atleast 30 SPF. Recommendation: Loreal Paris Sunscreen (Reviewed Here)
  • Shorts and loose clothes, because it will be hot and sunny in Goa + you will be spending a lot of time in waters
  • Extra, Extra pairs of undergarments
  • Your shampoo and soaps (If you are very particular about brands) as you don’t want sand all around you
  • Floaters/ Slippers to walk around the beaches
  • Girls try to carry fuss free makeup. I wanted lipsticks that stay longer and Revlon Matt Balm were really great. Review coming soon.



To Do in Goa-MUST DO

  • Rent a bike and roam around
  • Enjoy the beaches
  • Try the water sports. Banana Ride, Speed Boat, Paragliding etc etc. A package costs around Rs 1700+ /person
  • Go for a candle light dinner on the beach
  • Rent a sun bed, order a beer and relax on the beach. The sun bed costs around Rs 100 for an hour
  • Get a tattoo done. At least try the semi-permanent one. Cost: RS 150+
  • Take a long romantic walk on the beach
  • Enjoy the chilled Heinekein Beer. I was never much of beer person, but goa  and Heinekein changed me
  • Just Chillax and Enjoy

random click goa


To Do in Goa-SHOULD DO

  • Street Shopping-Local (Baga, Arjuna, Calangute). Posh- Candolim. More on that in next post
  • Souvenir shopping from Tibetan Handicrafts Markets. They had some beautiful jewelry collection there. 
  • Girls can get their hairs breaded. Around Rs 100. Lesser if you bargain more
  • Enjoy the goan food and the fresh sea food

things to do in goa

street shopping in goa

We bought this from Tibetan Market.

what to buy from goa

Famous Places to Eat in Goa:

  • Brittos in Baga Beach is one of the most famous places to have sea food. Famous for its sea food platter. Non Sea food lovers can enjoy other food items along with the cold beer and the scenic view. 
  • St. Anthony was another place which was quite crowded most of the times. It is next to Brittos.
  • Curlies in Anjuna beach is another famous place
  • Jamies and Go with the Flow are fine dinning restaurants. Hubby took me there for anniversary dinner, but it was just so quiet that it didn’t feel like Goa, so we returned and went to beach instead. I loved the experience of having candle light dinner on the beach. 


Take Note of These:

  • Never ever leave your valuables in your scooty. My brother’s friends lost their phones etc by doing this
  • Do not forget to note your scooty number
  • Never step out without sunscreen. The days are very sunny in Goa.  I carried the one by Loreal Paris and it really helped to control my tan 
  • Most of the shacks in Goa don’t accept cards, so do carry sufficient amount of cash
  • Do not litter around. Maintain a Swachh Bharat 😉

Below are few other things that I have heard of but didn’t get a chance to try by myself:

  • House Boat
  • Fish/Crab Catching
  • Dolphin Watch (Yes its true, I saw one during my ride for paragliding)
  • Late night parties
  • Scuba Diving/Snorkling

When To Go:

  • October-Feb. Though avoid GOA between 15 Dec – 15 Jan, It gets way too crowded then

Where To Stay:

  • For the first timers, I would suggest to visit North Goa and stay in Baga or Calangute. Mostly, prefer Baga as it is centrally located from all the beaches
  • For the next visits, if you can prefer Candolim. It is so quiet and beautiful
  • For further more visits you can try South Goa , which is much calmer than North Goa

There are just so many things to try out in Goa. It was one of the best vacations I had in India, so far. The only thing I would suggest you guys is that, to enjoy GOA to its fullest you just gotta do it the right way. Just let yourself free, try out new things, relax and enjoy.

So hope you all find some useful information here. More on the places of interest and beaches in the next post. Let me know if you want me to cover anything specific in my next post. Also if there are any must visit places in Goa, do drop in your comments. 

Coming Soon: Goa Diaries 2 , How GM Diet Helped me Loose 2 Kgs  in 1 week, Revlon Matt Balm Lipsticks, Keratin Hair Treatment  and so much more.

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