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Feeling Lighter by 2Kgs Using GM Diet

Feeling Lighter by 2Kgs Using GM Diet

Hi Girls,

Today I am sharing my experience about General Motors Diet which I had followed last Year. For our marriage anniversary we had planned to go to Goa and before that I wanted to shed few Kgs quickly, so that I can wear those dresses and all ;). I actually lost some 2 and half Kg with this diet, so I thought of sharing my experience with you all.

My Gm Diet Experience

GM diet is basically a special food diet designed over a course of 7 days, which claims to make you loose 2-5 Kgs. Each day you are supposed to have a particular set of food. Coffee and Tea also is to be avoided. If you Google about it, you will get a lot of information about this diet and how it actually works. To start with here is wiki link for you.

I had heard great deals about this diet but never thought that I can actually do it. I am a avid tea lover and the thought of staying away from tea for a whole week seemed to be a impossible task for me. Then Karvachaut happened. I stayed 10 hours without tea and more important than that water. So after  staying a whole day without food, tea and water I realized that it is all in our mind.

So this is what I did in those 7 days.

Day 1. Fruits Day: I had fruits. Apple, Orange etc in day and in night Watermelon. Is it is recommend to have fruits with high water intake on Day1. No Bananas.

Did I cheat? Yes . Had a stressful day in office so when I came home, I had half cup of tea 😉

What I resisted: Momos that my hubby had bought after office.

Day 2. Vegis Day: Ate a boiled potato with some crushed pepper and raw carrots. Aah so boring. Carrots were the saving part.

In office I had bought cucumber and tomatoes so I had that.

Did I cheat? I had gone for interstellar movie after office. My head was rotating along with the galaxy on the screen. I was damnn hungry by that time but there was nothing that I could eat. So cheated with a cup of coffee. Back home I boiled some bottle guard, mixed a bit of pepper and bit of salt.

Ps: Next time I repeated it  I had these green beans. Just sauteed them, added bit of pepper  and salt, lime juice and tomato.They were quite tasty.  I have them sometimes now also. Strongly recommended for day3 and onward.

Beans Salad

What I resisted: Nachos and other yummy smelling things you get in a movie theater/ food court.

Day 3 : A day to Eat Fruits + Vegetables

Most boring and struggling day for me. My headache continued. At one point I felt like leaving office and going home. But I resisted. My colleague  kept tempting me with Dosa she had bought but I resisted. I went up took sprouts mixed with chat masala+ salt and a juice. I felt much better after that. I guess my body by lacking some salt intake. On this day and all other days it is very important that you keep on having something in regular intervals. Do not starve. By night I was really bored but next day was easy + I was feeling lighter so I wanted to continue.

Did I cheat? Yes with that chat masala and may be a cup of tea. Don’t remember about tea part.

What I resisted. The feeling of giving up and Dosa.

PS. By Day three you can start seeing the results. By this day you start feeling lighter as you would have reduced by a 1 Kg minimum.


Day 4: Milk and Banana Day

Easiest day for me. Went on smoothly. By this day I got the feeling that ‘Wohoo this diet is working

Did I cheat? Nope. Not even with sugar in the milk.

What I resisted. It had rained here that day. So hubby demanded pakodas. So made him that but somehow I wasn’t too tempted to have pakodas 😀

Day 5 :Proteins + Tomato Day

Hmm this day also went fine. Only problem I had was eating that chicken .I am a non-vegetarian and hence I thought I will have chicken. I tried roasted chicken in lemon juice+ pepper. Didn’t like it . So I switched to paneer. I like eating raw paneer. So it was easy for me :). Also read somewhere that you can have a cup of tomato soup. So I boiled some tomatoes, mixed coriander, some salt and pepper. Boiled it nicely and my soup was ready.

Did I cheat. Don’t remember. So guess no.

Day 6 : Proteins + Vegis

Repeated same things as day 5 minus soup. Prepared brown rice with vegis. It takes hell lot of time to prepare this rice and doesn’t taste that great. But was there any choice !!

Did I cheat? Had a cup of tea in morning. Because it was weekend and I felt like having it. But didn’t feel great after having it. Hmm surprising !!.

What I resisted. I had been to a seminar  and after it was over they were serving hot Dominos pizza. Ah that smelled delicious. But I left quietly. Came home and prepared this awesome panner dish for hubby. He loved it and all I eat was my vegetable salad with paneer pieces which wasn’t that bad either.

By night I was bored and wanted to stop. I was already feeling lighter so thought ‘OK I got some results so let’s stop’ then hubby said ‘You are looking fitter than before.Just one more day na’.  Wossh my determination level went from 35% to 100%.

Day 7: Proteins + Vegetables+Fruits

I had brown rice +guava+ vegetables

What I resisted. My friend had come home. I was supposed to take her on Anarkali Shopping (blogged already), so I had made cold coffee with sandwich. By this day I hardly had to resist. I was on other level only. I had cucumber, carrot etc while they had that cold coffee and sandwich.

While shopping I ate a Guava and my god it felt like  the most tastiest thing I had in days 😀

Did I Gain Anything? 

At the end of all this I lost 2 and half Kg. I definitely felt good. I felt clean from inside. What I liked most is that for 7 days there was no oil intake.  At times I felt slightly weak but never lethargic (which I otherwise feel on my normal office days)

I liked it so much that after few weeks I repeated it again and lost another KG.

My office girls who were calling me crazy for doing it , and the end of it , came to me asking about it. So you can imagine the effect of this 🙂

Was is easy? No. But everything is in mind. Once you overcome your mental blocks you can totally do it.


Will I do It Again? Yes. I already did round two of it, after two weeks gap. Only thing is that from last time I have learnt that for me day 2/3 were more difficult and hence next time I started it on Thursday.

Any Side Effects? Yes, depending on your health condition you might have weakness, headache, nausea etc. Also, since it is the water weight that you loose here your skin might feel little dry and dehydrated.

Also, this is just a temporary fix. If you don’t watch your eating habits after this diet all of your lost weight will come back to you.

Who can do it ? Anyone with normal health conditions and less physical responsibilities. If you are already on some diet or you have migraine issues, then consult your doctor before doing it.

Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian or nutritionist, I am just sharing my experience across with you all.

So anyone of you tried this? How was your experience girls? I liked this diet for the quick results it yielded which motivated me further to stay fit and loose few more Kgs, how about you?

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