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Natural Hair Masks That Have Worked For Me

Natural Hair Masks That Have Worked For Me

Hola Girls,

Best Natural Hair Masks
How was your long weekend. I utilized these leaves to indulge in some body and hair pampering. Something I have not done in a long time. So I thought of sharing with you all some hair masks that have really worked for me over the years. These are masks that you can make from the items lying your kitchen shelf and they guarantee to deliver the results. I have used these personally and they have really helped.

1. Banana and Honey Mask. Adds shine to hair and conditions it. Just take 2/3 ripe banana. Mash it or putt in mixer. Add 2/3 spoons of honey. Mix them. Apply to your hairs not skull. Leave for half hour. Wash off nicely. Post wash you might find your hair  to be little frizzy but give it sometime you will see that shiny healthy hair.

Those who cannot apply banana to hairs can check out The Body Shop Banana Shampoo or rather conditioner, I have heard it is good.

2. Sour Curd. Take curd which is 2/3 days old. Apply to your skull. Wash nicely after half hour. You need to apply more shampoo as curd makes hairs oily after applied. This is a very effective way to get rid of dandruff. Repeat this 2/3 times and you will see the change.

Cannot apply curd to your hairs. Try The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo Or Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Oil ( Used Personally)

3. Methi or FenuGreek Seeds:  Soak Methi seeds in water overnight. Grind and make a paste. Apply for half hour and wash off. Methi is said to make your hair roots stronger and prevent hairfall.

Methi feels sticky when grinded so keep that in mind.

Cannot apply methi to hairs? You have those methi powders available in market. Only thing is I cannot say how pure are they. If hair fall is your issue try Indulekha oil which is easily available with your chemist. Have heard good reviews about it.

4. Olive oil + Honey Mask: No time for all of above. Just take spoons of olive oil and mix few spoons of honey. Apply yo your hair strands. Leave for half hour. Wash off.

This pack will add some health and shine to your hairs

5. Egg Mask : Take the white portion of egg. Apply to your hair strands for half hour. Wash off nicely as egg smells quite strong and yuck. You can also mix milk with it if you want. Add Olive oil with it to get moisturized  hairs.

PS. I have never used egg yolk as it has much stronger smell. So have no idea what benefits that has but the white portion provides proteins to your hairs.

Apart from these I  am reading a lot of positive reviews about Avocado so would like to try those also.

Just remember that the effect of these masks is not permanent. You need to keep on applying it constantly to improve the quality of your hairs. Also, there is no hard and fast rule about making these packs. Just mix and match whatever you feel like.

So Girls have you tried any of these masks? What is your favorite Hair Mask?

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