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Win A MakeOver From BodyCraftSpa and Salon In Association with ThePinkTrends

Win A MakeOver From BodyCraftSpa and Salon In Association with ThePinkTrends

New Year, New Plans, New Hopes, New Excitement. How about a new you?

If you are bored of your current look and want to do add some fun to it then what could be better than getting a makeover done. ThePinkTrends in Association with BodyCraft Spa and Salon brings you a chance to win a makeover for yourself.



Just follow this simple steps and get yourself some pampering.

1. Follow The Body Craft via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

2. Follow ThePinkTrends via Twitter and Instagram

3. Like/Subscribe to The

4. Comment below as to “Why you need a Makeover”

5. Comment on the blog that you have followed these steps

6. Use the #tptandbodycraftmakeover in your Instagram shares and tweets.


Required Details:

Social Pages of BodyCraft Spa and salon

Social Pages of ThePinkTrends:

Note: Steps 1-5 are mandatory.

  • One lucky reader of ThePinkTrends gets to win the free makeover. Contest ends 1 Feb 2015. Winners will be announced on 2nd Feb Evening
  • This is open only to the girls residing in Bangalore.


With Valentines approaching I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.Good Luck Girls.

11 thoughts on “Win A MakeOver From BodyCraftSpa and Salon In Association with ThePinkTrends”

  • Hi,
    What a wonderful way to start the new year, thank you Nisha,

    Twitter – @snehasdaga
    Insta – @snehha03
    Email –
    Done all steps followed @bodycraft on Twitter and Instagram and ThePinkTrends also

    Makeovers have played a very important role for me personally, it helps me be more confident and increase the trust I have in myself and also it changes the way people perceive me, it’s been a while I haven’t felt any of these emotions lately..
    Hope to win this makeover by Bodycraftspa and you to feel more empowered , confident , happy and ready to take on the world!
    And it’s not being selfish or self centered by taking care and loving yourself once in a while , isn’t it?!

  • Hey!

    Thank you for this wonderfully opportunity, off course I’d love to get lucky , cuz I really need a makeover.. It’s been a while actually 2yrs to be precise , since I ve tried something new ,I ve just been trimming my hair , and have been studying day in n out for my CA exams, I think it will be a nice change from my routine of work and studies .. Every girl deserves it, but not all can afford it.. Being alone doesn’t give you enough time to take care of yourself, and off course I’d also love to get pampered if I get this wonderful opportunity..

    Wish me luck people! Fingers crossed actually
    everything crossed 😉
    And wishing everybody else out here good luck too !

    Following you on Instagram : @shwetad23
    Twitter : @shwetadaga23
    Email :
    Facebook : shweta daga

  • I need a makeover because I recently shifted to Bangalore from Kolkata and started a new phase of my life.
    As a girl I have always got a haircut or a makeover done whenever I wanted to change anything in my life and I am quite sure that any girl will agree with me that when ever you change your hairstyle a part of you want to try new things. And being in a new city I am eager to try out new things have some adventures on the way to a life where I do not have to look back and think “i could have done that “.
    Hence I need a makeover for my new adventures ahead.

    I have done all the steps above.
    Priyanjana Recently Posted…Bech Quikr without talking over the phone!!My Profile

  • Hi Nisha!! What a lovely way to start the year.

    Here are all the handles.
    On FB- Krupa lakshminarayanan is the name with which i am following Bodycraft spa and The Pink Trends
    on Twitter and Instagram- Ishtyleawhile is the handle I am using to follow Bodycraft spa and The Pink trends

    Why do I need this makeover?
    Well between setting papers, correcting answer scripts and teaching, I barely get time for myself. I give as much as I can to my students and this month is the most crucial month for them with the Board exams starting. I am really looking forward to a bit of Me TIme after Feb 11th and so this would be a perfect way to do that.

    P.S I have been meaning to try this place. I see it every time I pass by 100ft road.
    krupa Recently Posted…Occupational Hazards in a teacher’s life. Chapter one: The Pimple.My Profile

  • 1. Following The Body Craft and ThePinkTrends on Facebook as Sushma Bindu
    2. Following The Body Craft Spa and ThePinkTrends on Instagram as sushma_bindu
    3. Following The Body Craft Spa and ThePinkTrends on Twitter as @SushmaBindu
    4. Liked and Subscribe to The with Email ID
    5. I really need a Makeover very soon because I am a Home Maker where I am busy with all my household activities and external works all day and will not get enough of time to take care of myself. Due to that I look very stressed out with uneven skin tone and dull look. I wish to get a Makeover which gives me a new look to myself which builds up a New You in me with lots of Beauty and Confidence. Wish to get it very soon to see a drastic change in myself..
    6. Followed all the steps to Win a Makeover from Body Craft Spa & Salon.

    Thank you Nisha for this wonderful opportunity.

  • 1. Following The Body Craft and ThePinkTrends via Facebook as Chenar Kanagat
    2. Following ThePinkTrends and The Body Craft Spa on Instagram as chinza_
    3. Following ThePinkTrends and The Body Craft Spa on Twitter as @CKanagat
    4. Like and Subscribe to The with email ID
    5. I think I need a Makeover because, I graduated from college last year and have recently started working, I’m sure you know the workload one has to bear after the 3rd-4th month as a fresher, it drains your capacity to do just about anything! With not even an ever after graduation, I think my face looks very dull and stressed out! I definitely need a makeover, and soon! So that if not anybody else, atleast I could look at myself and feel happy!

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity Nisha!! 😀

    Reposted the pic on Instagram too! 😀

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