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Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara-Review, Swatches and Price

Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara-Review, Swatches and Price

Hi Girls,

I am sure you must have wondered many times that how easy our lives will be if our dear mascara came with a smaller wand for lower eyelashes. It is always a pain to use the regular mascara on the lower lashes. Since it is slightly hard to coat the lower lashes with neatness they mostly tend to get neglected. So while the upper lashes gets all flirty and dressed up, the lower lashes stay like a poor girl.

I am glad that Maybelline New York has come up with this new mascara that is going to solve this problem. How? Simple, have two wands. One for upper lashes other for lower. Problem solved right 🙂 :). This is something that must have got introduced years back.

Well, I was in need of a mascara and when I saw this being launched, I just had to buy it. At least for the two wands thing.

Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

The first thing I liked about is having two wands thing. The next few best thing was that it didn’t clamp too much. I hate mascara that makes your lashes to stick together. This did fare in that area, unless you start coating it up. The next best thing was it being waterproof. I went to take shower with this on and it didn’t budge from it’s place. Don’t worry, I didn’t do to test its water proofness, it was just that I was checking it out and suddenly I had to rush out. So I went in for the shower with this on.

maybelline falsies big eyes mascara_lower wand_review

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara_upper wand


What Maybelline Claims About It:

Maybelline New York presents The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara as an answer to all your mascara application woes! Offering a double-brush wand, this smudge-free, long-lasting eye mascara magnifies and fans out every single lash. The patented lift-up brush pushes your upper lashes up and wide in all directions for an eye-opening effect. The sleek, mini brush is perfect for your lower lashes as it cleanly spruces up and coats even the tiniest lash. Enriched with an innovative super-hold formula, this eye mascara for big eyes doesn’t smear, flake or smudge for hours!

  • Here’s why you’ll love it:
  • • Has a double-brush wand for effortless application
  • • The Lift-up & mini brush coats every lash for a full circle effect
  • • Infused with 10% polymer for maximum staying power




Why I liked It

  • With the two wands, it is easy to apply mascara to both lashes
  • The lower wand works great and is so easy to use
  • The upper wand is also good and adds decent volume to your lashes. You can use a eyelash curler for more dramatic effect
  • Doesn’t clamp much
  • It is totally waterproof
  • Has a good staying power. I had this on for around 5+ hours
  • Doesn’t smudge or flake
  • Formula is wet but dries up quickly. Also has a nice jet black color
  • Comes off easily with a makeup remover (I used Maybelline Total Clean)
  • Easily available across counters


Maybelline Big eyes falsies mascara







Maybelline falsies big eyes mascara review












Maybelline Big eyes falsies mascara review

















On the Downside

  • If you want your masacara to give you great volumes then this might disappoint you
  • Starts to clamp if you use more than 3 coats
  • It is slightly costly

Price : 599 INR for 8.7ml

Available online at

maybelline falsies big eyes waterproof mascara review

Will I Buy It Again? Since I already got the lower wand I might save it and next time will buy the cheaper versions

Should You Buy It? It is a good launch. If you struggle with applying mascara to your lower lashes or are a make up enthusiastic and want to try a new product, then go for it. It won’t disappoint.

Pink Love: 4/5


So girls how did you like the concept of a mascara having two wands ? Got it already ? Going for it ?

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