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Happy Women’s Day and The Story of My Blogging Journey For #SheInspires Series By

Happy Women’s Day and The Story of My Blogging Journey For #SheInspires Series By

A Big Hello to all my Women readers out there.

As we are celebrating International Women’s day today, has launched one great initiative for women bloggers. They are recognizing our efforts in blogging world by giving us this beautiful badge for being opinionated, vocal about our experiences. I am really glad to get this badge by them. As part of the #SheInspires series, I am sharing my blogging journey with you all.


As I am completing 1 year of blogging journey this month, this post was already on my mind. So I thought of combing the two things and taking a moment to thank all the lovely readers of “ThePinkTrends”. Without you all, I would have never reached this far. So a big, big thanks to you all.

A year back I started my blogging journey without much realization of what I was actually entering into. I thought blogging is just fun. Girls buy pretty items and post pretty pictures. Once I started, I realized the responsibilities I had as a blogger. I realized that there are girls that read your reviews and buy those items, because you said it is good. Thus I try to take care of every aspect while reviewing and recommending any product.

While starting out, I wasn’t even sure why would someone read another blog, but it was something I wanted to give a try and hence I created ThePinkTrends. I love to try out different things and thus wanted to share my experiences via this platform with larger audience. I started with few articles and the response I got from my friends was really good. Every time I met any friend, the first thing they asked is “How is your Blog Going On?”. There were so many girls asking me queries and giving me suggestions. Guys were also not behind in giving me suggestions and compliments. All this just kept me going.

Not everyone I know was all supportive about it. Some questioned me “Why am I doing this? What am I getting in return? “. Some said “Don’t post many articles, you will run out of ideas soon”. Few of them advised me to review a product even if I didn’t believe in it or didn’t test it on me. There were many people who didn’t even knew that I buy the things, take pictures, spend hours editing the post. But all this never affected me, I listened to them, smiled and kept going.

I had no one to guide me as to how do  I grow my blog. I kept on analyzing and improving. The world of blogging and numerous possibilities excites me a lot. I developed a great interest for how things are done, how a product is marketed and how we are contributing as bloggers. I am still learning. But this is great learning for me.


But being a women blogger is not all that easy. There is so much I want to learn, experiment and write about but I have to equally devote my time to my Work, Home, Husband and Self.  I have to make sure that while I am at work I keep my full focus there. When I am at home I try to devote my time to household chores and spend a quality time with my husband.

Another thing that my  blogging journey  has taught me is to be patient and to keep your Integrity intact. There were times when people approached me with some idea or product that I didn’t believe in. Even though, then, it looked to be a lucrative deal, I had to say No. I had to say No because I didn’t believe in it. If I don’t believe in something, how can I suggest it to my readers?. Blogging has taught me to be true to myself and have faith and just keep going. If you are true, things will happen. This badge by is another sign for it 🙂

Go Girls, the message that I want to convey is “If you want to do something, Just Do It. You never know what all you will discover in your path”. 

Throughout my blogging journey I learned so many new aspects about myself. I have developed a liking for writing. I developed a liking for reading. I developed a liking for photography and so much more. Blogging has given me a platform to pen down my thoughts. It has given be so much. It has been a great journey so far.

Thank you all for reading, liking and commenting on my blog. This just let’s me going.

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