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Why I Love Shopping From Over and Over and Over Again

Why I Love Shopping From Over and Over and Over Again

Hi Friends,

Those who know me personally have a fair idea of much big a shopaholic I am :D. My cubical mates tease me that  I am responsible for making the e-Commerce grow ;). Well me and several people like me :). And now that we can shop online, life has become much more simpler.

One of my favorite destination to shop online is Mostly, 4/5 of the clothes that I buy are from So today I am sharing ‘Why I Love Shopping From’ so much.

This post is for those who have never tried shopping Online. I am saying Online because  ‘You haven’t shopped Online if you haven’t shopped at‘. If you have shopped at then you already know how great it is.

When it comes to Shopping at, all you have to do is browse, select, pay and relax. Within few days your order will be at your doorsteps. If you don’t wish to pay upfront you have the option of cash-on-delivery. Simple as that.


I love the huge variety of products and brands that they have got. Is it the biggest I have seen so far. Now that they are here, one needn’t go to malls, stand in queues and come home tired. Whether it is the essentials that you need or big labels, they have it all. Mango, Vero Moda, Dorothy Perkins, Only, UCB, Aldo, US Polo, Clarks,CK, HideSign, Rohit Bhal. You name it and they have it and their inventory is just growing.

Jabong.com_shopping experience

I also like the fact that they have categorized  their products very conveniently  for Women, Men and Kids. They have a dedicated section for home also. The moment you land on their website you have various options to choose from. Looking for beach wear, party wear, winter wear, office wear or designer clothes. They have it all. Under each section you have multiple filters that makes choosing a product so, so easy.

Let’s say you are looking for a black top, you can select the color, size your favorite brands, your range and your options are displayed accordingly. I had bought this cute black top and coral pants from them which I love wearing these days. It is just perfect for my office wear.

Black Top from

Clothes, Home Decor, Accessories whatever you are looking for. Jabong has it all. You are looking for watches just select your style, color, brand and you have the all the possible options.  And while a back a Jabong was running some great offers on Titan Watches and Sunglasses.

Didn’t gift any thing to your partner this Valentine’s day ? Very bad !!. Just go now and check if you can get any exciting offers.

This is another great part about Jabong. The offers. Every time you login, some or other offer is running. I never forget to utilize that 😀

One of the other thing I love about Jabong is their sales and delivery service. It is really efficient. You place a order and within two days( in most cases) the item is at your doorstep. They even notify you when your order is processed and is ready to be shipped. Once you get the product if you don’t like what you ordered, you needn’t worry. Just login or call up the customer care and place a request for exchange/return. The delivery guy will come and collect the item back from you. All you need to do is tell Jabong that you didn’t like what you ordered and what you want to do next.


I have ordered thousand times from Jabong and never had any bad experience. Just yesterday I placed a order by mistake. Immediately I called up the customer care and got it cancelled. Simple. Then I placed another order and next morning I got the message that my order is being shipped. That is how efficient Jabong is.

(Below are few for which I had the pics with me, so I am sharing those)

Items Bought From


It is not just the delivery part of it that I love. It is also the whole shopping experience and the ease of choosing the products.I can go on and on about Jabong. It is one of my favorite destination to shop clothes online. The ease of selecting the product and getting it hassle free is what makes it a great shopping experience altogether.

If you haven’t still tried it, you are far behind my Friend. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed. Happy shopping friends

Disclaimer: This post is in association with as a blogger but as a girl I am just a big regular customer of and would really like to thank them for such a great website and shoppingexperiencee

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