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Forest Essentials Indian Rose Absolute Shampoo Review and Prices

Forest Essentials Indian Rose Absolute Shampoo Review and Prices

My love for Forest Essentials started last year. I had heard great things about Forest Essentials products and beauty bloggers seemed to love it. And why shouldn’t they!!  Forest Essentials products are 100% natural, thus free from all those harmful chemicals and uses the products used in Indian Ayurveda.

The first product that I bought from FE was the Forest Essential Rose Shampoo. I wanted to try some Sulphate Free shampoo and this looked quite promising. So I bought it and made my husband also to use it. Here is the conversation we had during our usage of the shampoo.

 forest essential rose shampoo (3)

Me: See I bought this new shampoo, it is 100% natural.

Hubby: So?? Hmm.. Big Deal. All shampoos are same. And this one is so costly . Rs 800 for a shampoo??

After Few weeks:

Me: Nice shampoo right. I love how my hairs feel after I use it. Even your hair is quite soft nowadays.

Hubby: Ya, but it is still costly.

After another Set of Weeks:

Me: See I told you, you hair are so much better these days. It feels quite soft.

Hubby: Yes, even I have started to like it.

Once It got over and just for trial I bought another so called ‘Sulphate Free Shampoo'(Amazon Keratin Shampoo). I hated that shampoo and stopped using it.

Hubby: Aggh.. What kind of shampoo is this. I am not going to use it. My hairs are so hard these days. Where is my Forest Essential Shampoo?? I want that shampoo only !!

Me: But you said that was costly ?

Hubby: Ya but you see, with that I don’t need any conditioner. So in one shampoo I am getting Shampoo + Conditioner so it is same. Buy me this one only. Let’s go shopping and buy that shampoo

Me: Yay!!

orest essential rose shampoo

And not only he took me shopping, he bought me so many more products from Forest Essentials (Posted Here). Could I be any more happier 🙂 🙂

Watch the review here:


Thanks to this shampoo, we got to try many more products from Forest Essentials and I did two major hauls. One link is posted above and for other , see the pic below :). So many more FE reviews coming your way.

Forest Essential Hual

What The Brand Claims:

Induced with the best of natural ingredients, this hair cleanser keeps your hair clean from the root to the tip. This cleanser from Forest Essentials nourishes locks and adds sheen to them. Strengthening hair roots, this cleanser retains the moisture and nourishes the scalp. Enjoy voluminous hair with this cleanser.

Free from Petrochemicals, Animal Products, PEGs, Synthetic Colors, Alcohol and Parabens

Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Indian Rose Absolute is free from petrochemicals, animal products, PEGs, synthetic colors, alcohol and parabens and cleanses hair without any harmful effects.

Natural Derived Cleansers are Used Instead of Sulphates

Safe and gentle on your scalp and keeping hair problems away, this cleanser has natural derived cleansers that are used instead of sulfates

Composition: Rose Absolute Damascena, Reetha, Amla Juice, Soya Protein, Coconut Oil, Thyme, Bhringraj, Shikakai Fruit, Lecithin, Bay Leaf Oil, Reetha, Henna

forest essential rose shampoo

So let me quickly jot down why we both loved it:

Why The Love:

  • It is totally a chemical free shampoo. Read the content list, it is bound to make you happy
  • Contents are based on concepts of Indian Ayurveda.  Ex Bringaraaj, Reetha and Henna. These are the natural things I had seen my grandmothers using in their days
  • Cleans hair nicely and makes hair soft after the wash
  • Hair-fall is minimum, miniiiimummm while you are washing your hairs
  • Leaves a nice rosy fragrance on your hairs after the wash. While the hair is wet,  you get a mild fragrance
  • No Sulfates or other harsh chemicals
  • Leaves hair smooth and shiny even after two days of hair wash
  • Bathroom smells heavenly after the shower (Just had to add this point :D)
  • Packaging is attractive, easy to use and travel friendly
  • Shampoo is dense and hence even if you take out more it lasts few months

On the Downside:

  • If you have thick hairs or have oiled your hairs, you will need more quantity of it. But then this is an issue with all SLS free shampoos. I need to use it 3/4 times whenever I oil my hairs and my husband 2 times.
  • If you have extremely dry hairs (like mine), you will still need to apply hair conditioner
  • It is costly.
  • The moment you open the bottle there is a strong rosy fragrance which many might not like. But it dilutes after some time

Final Feelings: I love using this shampoo. Makes my hair smooth and shiny. When I  pair it with conditioner/serum they make me dance but even if I don’t my hairs still stay manageable.Much better than other chemically loaded shampoos. The only part where I struggle is taking out the oil. I regularly oil my hairs and hence for me this can prove to be costly.


Price: RS 775 for 200ml

Will I Buy It Again: Yes. This is the one my hubby wants to stick to 🙂 (We used Vanilla and Honey shampoo for trial but found that to be very drying)

Pink Love: 4.5/5 in General . For me 4.25/5 (as it comes out pricey for my thick , dry hairs)

Available Online at:,,

Buy Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Indian Rose Absolute from

Have you tried any shampoos from Forest Essentials? Which one is your favorite? Any other good SLS free shampoo recommendations?

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