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Lovely Rose Based Products You Should Try Out

Lovely Rose Based Products You Should Try Out

Every girl love roses. A bouquet of roses always fascinates me and almost every girl I know. So I bring you some rose based products that I have used in past and really enjoyed using. So here is the list for you all. Enjoy !!

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel:

This is my absolute favorite. Smells divine. It is quite hydrating and doesn’t dry at all. The best part is that it has small rose petals particles, so there is something exciting every time you open up the bottle. Bathroom smells refreshing for hours. Sadly it is not available in India. Make sure you ask your friends travelling to India from US/UK to get this for you.

lush rose jam shower gel

Forest Essentials Rose Shampoo:

Not only this shampoo makes you hair smell nice but also doesn’t load your hairs with any chemicals. Made from natural ingredients, cleanses your hair without any harmful after effects. Helps to retain the natural moisture and shine of hairs.

Detailed review here



Forest Essential Rose Absolute Shampoo



Forest Essentials Rose Face Cleanser:

Smells really refreshing. A great face wash for this summers. Cleans well and doesn’t dry out the skin. Made with natural ingredients and hence is really good for your skin.

Forest Essentials Lemon Honey and RoseWater Facewash

The Body Shop Smoky Rose Perfume:

A perfume that is both sweet and sexy. Has notes of Musk,Rose with a tint of Vanilla. Lasts for around 2 hours. Decent budget option.

Detailed review here


Naked Serum by Lisa Hayden:

It is a great night serum that made sure I wake up with soft skin. Based on Rose Hip oil. Not purely based on Rose but thought it is worth to list it out here.

naked serum by lisa hayden review

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Apart from this I have read great reviews about Kama Rose Face Wash and Forest Essentials Rose Water. These two is on my lists of products to try.

Hope you will enjoy using these products. If you have used any other lovely ‘Rose Based’ Product then do share with us.

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