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Sunday Fun: About ME Time: Learn to Enjoy some time alone

Sunday Fun: About ME Time: Learn to Enjoy some time alone

Have you heard of “ME TIME”?  ME TIME is something that you enjoy alone. Just being by yourself, enjoying your own company. Just the joy of enjoying something alone. I love to have my ME TIME. To  understand yourself, to know your strengths, to know your weakness, likes and dislikes you need to take out some time for yourself girl. I meet so many people who say “What will I do alone!!”.Believe me,  explore yourself and you will be much happier in life. This post is just to inspire you to take out some time out for yourself. I am sharing how I like to spend my time alone.

If you know me you will never find me saying “I don’t want to go home because I have nothing to do” or “No one is home, what will I do“. I never sit back unnecessarily in office because I don’t know how to enjoy my own company. If you do so then hope this post will motivate you to enjoy being by yourself.

I love Me Time
I love Me Time

What I do is just take my cup of Tea, plug in to some Music and enjoy. Somehow, I love to listen to old Bollywood Romantic songs. The reason probably goes way back into my childhood. This is what I have grown up listening to. These old smoothies just peps up my mood  and make me feel so that I dance like Shahrukh khan :D. That is the only dance you can do listening to these soft songs ;).. The classical Bollywood type..’round and round’,  just that there is no tree around.

I also like to catch up on some Romantic Movie or just watch my Favourite TV series. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is something I have watched thousand times but still don’t mind repeating it.

Me Time

Sometimes it is going shopping alone. Just pick what you like :). No one to doubt whatever you are picking up. Just be your own boss and understand what suits you. Develop a understanding of your body and look.

Sometimes it is browsing through the pages of my favourite Fashion Magazine  with my cup of tea. Two things that are fixed are my cup of Tea and Music.  🙂 🙂

Sometimes it is going on a long drive. Many a times it is just looking outside of a bus window and tapping your feet. Music to ears and hope in my eyes, I just get lost in my thoughts. How I wish then that the journey would never end.


Sometimes when the weather is awesome, I feel like taking a backpack and just roam around. No phone, no worries on my shoulders. Wish I could do that someday :). I also dream of going to Himalayas ;). Sometimes it is just the dream of doing that which I enjoy 🙂

Sometimes it is this inspirational kind of posts that I enjoy writing 😀

There are just so many things, all you have to do is explore what you love doing alone 🙂

I have a friend who could not stay alone and was always looking around for friends or family. Once she started exploring her own company, she is really enjoying it. Now she doesn’t need a second person to make her happy.

ME time is not about being Self-Involved. Rather it is about self-discovery. So ditch the idea “What will I do alone”. Explore!! Explore yourself. It is just so much fun. You always don’t need people to make you happy.


 Disclaimer: The pictures have been picked randomly from Google search. I do not own them.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Do let me know what is that you enjoy doing alone?

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