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L’Oreal Paris Intense Gel Intenza in Diamond Black and Liquid Lipstick in Plum Quartet Review and FOTD

L’Oreal Paris Intense Gel Intenza in Diamond Black and Liquid Lipstick in Plum Quartet Review and FOTD

 Hi Girls,

Every time Cannes Festival comes in there is so much to look forward too. On one side there is the Bollywood beauties make you go “Wohooo” and on other hand there is L’Oreal coming with such great products. Today I am here with review of rest of the products from the L’Oreal Paris Cannes 2015 Collection. The Super Liner Gel Intenza and Liquid Lipgloss. The Swarovski Lipstick from this collection is reviewed here.

L’Oréal Paris Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in plum

I am not a fan of lip glosses but this one by L’Oreal is really good. It isn’t sticky like other lip glosses. In one swipe you get a good pigmentation and the packaging is really beautiful.  What I liked about this shade is that even if it is plum shade it doesn’t make you look older than you actually are and thus would suit a lot of girls.

L’Oréal Paris Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in plum Quartet

loreal plum quarlet lipgloss

Why I like it:

  • Isn’t sticky like other lip glosses
  • One swipes gives a decent coverage. Girls with very pigmented lips might need to apply a bit more
  • Stays on for 3+ hours and is quite hydrating. This is a big plus for lip glosses you know !!
  • Doesn’t leave those sticky substance on lips
  • The tilted brush makes it really easy to apply
  • The golden packaging is really luxury. I am fan of that at the moment


  • Nothing specific just that the price is on higher side.

If you love lip glosses you must try this range. It is quite a beauty in itself.

Loreal Gel Intenza and plum lipgloss and fotd

Price: Rs 950

Pink Love: 4.25/5

Super Liner Gel Intenza in Diamond Black:

The other product that I am really liking at this moment is the gel liner by L’Oreal Paris. They have come up with some beautttiful shades. Check out the Saphire Blue one, it’s a shade to die for.

I have got Diamond Black and it is another beautiful shade. The pigmention is really great. The brush is really easy to use and the is pretty soft. This is not exactly the darkest shade of black but is more on the greyish black side. I love the small shimmer particles in it.

loreal dimond black gel intenza

Here’s why I like it:

  • Great Pigmentation
  • The soft Brush makes it quite easy to use
  • Texture is creamy and really easy to apply
  • Waterproof (I splashed water on me and nothing happened)
  • Smudge proof (97% for me though. I rub my eyes too often)
  • The Gold packaging is quite cool
  • Looks beautiful with those shimmer particles

loreal super liner gel intenza in diamong black review


  • Stays on me for some 6/7 hours only and after that it just fades away. At this price I would expect a longer wear time
  • The shimmer particles spreads a bit. Justtt a bit though

Price: Rs.875

Pink Love: 4.25/5

loreal paris gel intenza diamond black liner swatch

This is a simple look created by me using the gel liner and the lippie. Hope you will like it.

LOreal lipgloss and gel liner in diamond black

Overall this is another good range by L’Oreal Paris and you won’t regret buying any product. Go on choose your shade and spread the beauty.

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