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Bannerghatta National Park Trip

I am going to try and keep this concise. The purpose for this post is to help fellow travellers to Bannerghatta National Park on how and what to do!

How to go?

  1. You can drive via NICE road.
  2. Drive through the city through Bannerghatta road: I took this road as I left early enough on a weekend morning to avoid city traffic 🙂
  3. Take city buses – Volvo AC and non AC buses both ply to Bannerghatta National Park.


Since I took Bannerghatta Road, I had an option to breakfast in A2B near IIM. Its advisable to not to stop for breakfast before you are almost out of city. Else as day builds up so does traffic. There are many eating outlets near IIM area like McD, Fasoos, KFC etc. But once you are past Cinepolis, you may struggle for a decent place for food. Bannerghatta National Park itself has snacks outlets but none for a proper breakfast 🙂


I was out of city quick enough for any traffic. I left home around 8 in morning. Stopped for breakfast in A2B. The drive through Bannerghatta Road isn’t as pleasurable as drive on highways but it saved me some KMs and most importantly I got goooood breakfast :). I reached the park before 10am.

At the Bannerghatta National Park:

The Parking Lot

The place is neatly arranged and very easy to get around. The moment you reach there, there will be a minimal entry fee. Post that drive straight to the parking area. The parking area is open and big enough. The bus stand is at the park itself. So if you coming via bus its equally convenient. There are 3 things to do at the park: The Safari, The Zoo and The Butterfly Park.

The Safari:

I would suggest take the Safari the first thing. We took AC bus for 500/- per person. The AC bus isn’t very frequent. We had to wait for an hour for the  next bus. Meanwhile we went to Butterfly Park. There are other options of non AC bus and 4-seater and 6-seater cabs. They are almost available immediately. The AC bus was comfortable. AC was working fine. It gets hot out there so I preferred AC bus. I think bus would give you much better view than the cabs. The safari is the thing that makes the trip worth it.  The safari is through the jungle amidst the wild animals. Tiger, White tiger, Lions, Bears, Elephants, Neel Cow, Bisons, Deers. Tigers were caged, rest were in open jungle. So the experience was quite real. The animals weren’t actually ‘actively’ wild but more like sedated. The wild ones were caged. The Safari goes about for an hour. Take pics. Try to seat in the front seat of the bus to get better view. The driver will stop now and then when he spots an animal and tells you where to look. “Tiger on right”, “Bear on left”. He may also help you take good pics. And yes, you will be reminded of Jurrasic Park when you are on safari. Visit to know what I mean! Do keep the safari ticket intact as the same ticket can be used for Zoo and Butterfly park for no extra cost!

The Lion taken from inside the bus




The Zoo:

The zoo was actually more interesting that I had expected. The range of animals/birds are quite nice. Plus they are in bunch. We were lucky to see peacocks in their full bloom with their wings spread wide open, Beautiful sight! Ostrich, turtles. white peacock, white crane birds etc. The zoo is nicely arranged. You can find snack outlets and ice-creams inside the zoo. Walk in the zoo leisurely. Do bird gazing- parrots, peacocks, cranes. Interact with Ostrich. Do eye contacts with snakes. Take selfies with tigers. Have silly fun. When you snack and walk, do use dustbin. Please don’t litter around. There was boating somewhere inside the zoo, which I was too tired to try.





The Butterfly Park:

Remember your Safari ticket covers these all! The Butterfly park is just greens all over and good to walk around if you feel like it. It had a in-house  roof-covered small park area with beautiful butterflies. Go in, take your camera and show off your photography skills with aperture and shutter speed. Photographing butterflies on fly will test your skills.

The roof-covered small park inside the Butterfly Park


On way back:

We left the place around 1:30. I took the Bannerghatta Road and stopped for Hyderabadi Biryani. I intended to go for Nagarjuna for lunch, but saw Hyderabadi Biryani before and couldn’t resist. Again the place near IIM have lots of options for food. I diverted to Outer ring road via BTM. The traffic till Silk Board killed me almost. But after Silk Board junction it was zoomba driving.



  • 70KMs petrol/diesel cost
  • 500/- per person in Bannerghatta National Park
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Snacks


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