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Instagram Diaries-Life In Pics-Vol 1

Instagram Diaries-Life In Pics-Vol 1

Hia Girlies,

How are you all doing. Hope you are enjoying the festival of Rakhi. Today for the first time I am sharing my Instagram Diaries. I have seen many bloggers sharing this on this blog but never understood the reason. I was a follower of their blog and IG account so for me it was a duplicate information. Well sometime back, I realized that there are many people who land on my blog via Google Search. If you are a follower, you know that I am not so active on my blog as I am on Instagram/Facebook and hence now I feel that these people are missing a lot of interesting stuff I keep on posting. Hence I thought of putting up this post. Also, I am bored of putting up just the reviews so this will be interesting, I guess. So sit back and enjoy the pics.

Pic1: Ballerians Bought From Westside:

I love shoes. I am one shoe crazy person. There were times when I have owned 15/20 pairs of shoes/sandle etc. After marriage it has somehow reduced a bit but still the collection is pretty decent. However, recently all of my slippers broke and I was on serious hunt. Westside is one place I always look out as I have bought some slippers and ballerinas from them in past and it has worked out really good for me.

Ballerians Bought From Westside
Ballerians Bought From Westside. I just Love them. Don’t You?

Pic2: Ethnic Day in Office.

Loved this saree. I had bought this from Samyakk in Bangalore some years back and wore it for the first time. I am a working women and hardly get to wear saree. So this time, when I had ethinc day in office I made sure I use the sarees lying in my dresser. This is my 10 min look. My friendi wrapped perfect saree in 5 mins. I used the other 5 mins to put on Mac pressed power,  MAc Girl About Town lippe, Lakme Kajal and Done. I am in loveeee with this shade by MAC. Thinking of doing an OOTD? What say?

Ethnic Day in Office

Pic3: Drive to Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore.

Loveed this temple. 2 and half hours drive from Bangalore. This temple is Ancient Beauty. Will do a post and upload better quality pics. You will love those.

Drive To Lepakshi temple

Pic4: Weekend Gateway to Mekadatu From Bangalore

Well frankly there is not much to do at Mekadatu but it is interesting to watch those rocks and fierce Cauvery river. You can also enjoy coral rides. Not a bad place but don;t expect much.

Drive To mekedatu

Pic5: Showstopper in Office: Represented Karnataka

We had a fashion show in office recently where we demonstrated Indian Diversity via a Fashion Show. I represented Karnataka. This is Yakshagana. An art form famous in Coastal parts of Karnataka. It took 45mins to put on this costume for us and 20 mins to remove the makeup. God they had put layers and layers of makeup. Thankfully my skin survived it. My husband says I look horrible and even though I know this is interesting but couldn’t argue with him on that 😉

Showstopper in Office

Pic6: Gifted this Fossil watch to bro.

Loved the classy dial and sleek design. I love fossil watched. There were such pretty designs for women too. I have one watch by them but won’t mind another one 🙂  Fossil Watch Gifted to Bro

Pic7: Dinner at SodaBottleOperWala Bangalore:

Loveeddd this place. Lip smacking Parsi Food and Awesome Bollywood oldies. Interesting Decor. Perfect place for a different dinning experience.

Soda Bottle Opner Wala

Hope you enjoyed these pics. Let me know if you want me to do such series.

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