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Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Review: Instant Pedicure for the Girl on The Go

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Review: Instant Pedicure for the Girl on The Go

I am one of the girls who loves getting pedicures, manicures. Before marriage, this is one of my regular tasks. I love being pampered and let’s admit it who doesn’t !! Somehow after marriage my visits to salons/parlors have decreased. Not that I don’t have time but …. . Hmm..I really don’t know the answer. But I still make sure that I don’t have cracked heels. I really dislike cracked heels and never understand why girls stop taking care of themselves, once they get married. Yes, priorities change, but common why stop looking good đŸ˜€

scholl Pedi Express

scholl velvet smooth express pedi review

Someday back I saw the add for this Pedi Express by Scholl and was really tempted to try these. I have used their foot scrub and that was really good but this was a new invention and hence I really wanted to give this a try. Though it looked quite tempting, I really wasn’t sure if it will really work until I tried it on.

This device is really easy to use and buffs away your dead skin in minutes. All you have to do switch it on and  roll the black portion over your heel area. It works on batteries so you can use it anywhere. Don’t stay in same area for more than few seconds. What it really does is that it buffs away your dead skin. So while you are rolling this device, you can see your dead skin flying away.


It is not harsh on skin and really takes out the dead skin smoothly. It is to be used on dry skin and even then you won’t notice any pain. Once you are done, wash your feet and apply some moisturizer if you want.


The only issue is that you will see you dead skin flying away so it kindda creates a smoky scenario. It is just for few seconds though when you roll it over continuously. Second thing for me was the battery area. The cap came out few times while I was using it.. Nothing big again.

scholl pedi express review

The biggest downside for me would be the Price. Rs 2850 or 2250 is on the higher side. It should have been priced at max 2k. Other than that, it is a real good invention. It cannot replace a pedicure completely but yes it will definitely save up many visits to parlors. Plus if you are constantly traveling this will be of real good help.

Buy it here

Will I buy it? Well this will go on for many years

Should you Buy it? It is definitely for the girl on the go. Gives you instant pedicure and thus makes sure you can flaunt away for beautiful heels. So if you are too busy or wanna save up some money on parlor visits, Yes , invest in it.

Pink Love: 4.25/5 (Minus points for the price only)

 Disclaimer: PR sample. Honest review as always

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