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Europe Diaries: In Love With Paris: Paris Day 1

Europe Diaries: In Love With Paris: Paris Day 1

Hi Friends,

As mentioned in my social media accounts I am bringing you my Europe Diaries. Last week we went on a 10 day trip to Europe-France, Switzerland and Italy. We planned the whole trip on our own and it just turned out to be perfect. We have so much of information share with you all. Thus there will be a whole lot of posts that will cover what we did and how we planned the whole trip. I am starting the series with my Day-1. Visit to PARIS- The City of Lights and Love.

I don’t know know where should I begin. Let’s just say I loved this place. May be Love is also a small word. It is a memory that I will cherish forever in my life. Paris is many things for many people: Fashion Hub, Art Hub, Architectural Hub. For me it was beautiful lanes with beautiful people all around. I loved the vibe of this place.Β  The lanes and buildings of Paris are just beautiful. The buildings seem to be in so much sync. I could such keep looking at them. There are snacks and coffee bars all around the city. The side lanes of River Seine are just so gorgeous. In short, if you ever get a chance you MUST , MUST visit this city. We stayed there for 2days, but that wasn’t enough. In this post I am just sharing some pictures from our trip to Paris.

It was my first International Trip and from the time I landed in Paris, I felt that I already Belong here πŸ™‚ .We landed in Paris at 9:00 AM and we couldn’t help but notice the awesome transportation system. After that we headed for our place/apartment that we have booked through It was a super cute and comfortable apartment. I would recommend everyone to book their place of stay via AirBnB. It saves a hell lot of money and gives you total flexibility in terms of food. More on that in further posts. After some hours of rest we headed to visit Eiffel Tower, because in Paris, that’s the first thing you do.

I am in Paris Yay!!

Eiffel Tower In Evening_Paris
Eiffel Tower In a Cloudy Evening

We visited Paris in September 12 and it was raining throughout the day. But we couldn’tΒ  let the rains ruin our plans. So we took our umbrellas and headed out.On our way we enjoyed the lovely lanes of Paris, the symmetric buildings and the lovely balconies. French people decorate their balconies with pretty flowers which just adds to the beauty.

Cloudy Paris
Streets of A Cloudy Paris
It Was Raining in Paris
Rainy Paris

We reached Eiffel and man it is HUGEE !! .It was still raining and hence we decided to not go up as the visibility was very less. Instead we bought a cup of coffee, opened our packet of Haldiram’s Bhel(My friends are goingΒ  to kill me for putting this up, they said it was such a Indian thing to do πŸ˜› ), looked at the marvel and enjoyed the rains of Paris.

Eiffel Tower in Day_Paris
Looking at the Beauty of Eiffel Tower in Day
Haldirams Bhel at Eiffel Tower
Haldiram’s Bhel at Eiffel Tower


Me At Eiffel Tower

After Eiffel we took a metro and headed for Arc De Triomphe. It is actually French Version of our India Gate :D. By now it was evening. I love that in Paris sun sets around 8 PM. Gives you additional hours. The whole city was lit up and it was jusst beautiful. We clicked few pics from far and headed for Cruise at River Seine .

Catch a glimpse of the evening here :ΒΒ and the full trip hereΒ

Arc De Triomphe_paris
Arc De Triomphe_French Version of India Gate πŸ˜‰

At the place of boarding our boat there was this bridge where people had locked up their Love. Might sound stupid to some, but I felt it is cute thing to do. When you look at the bridge it makes you realize the Love all around you πŸ™‚

Love Locked in Paris
Love is All Around

It was one hour ride onΒ River Seine and it takes you through all the famous monuments of Paris. All lit up beautifully. The sides of River Seine is a lovely place to hang out with your friends or just take a romantic walk. If you have time, go for a walk there in night. We had booked a decent boat for our ride but there were some luxurious boats with dinning and party options too. I personally liked being in open air and just look at the gorgeously lit buildings. This was one of the best 1 hour of my life.

River Siene Cruise at Night
River Seine Cruise at Night. Simply Beautiful !!
Sides of River Seine
Sides of River Seine. Prefect Place for Hangouts or Long Romantic Walks

Many people take boat ride on Seine during the day but I strongly suggest you to take it in the night. Believe me, It is a beauty and it is so damn romantic.

After the ride we took a short walk to metro and headed back to our apartment. It was a wrap up for our beautiful day. By now, I was already in Love this this city. Next day had much more waiting for us πŸ™‚ :).

Streets of Paris at Night
Streets of Paris at Night

Note: Information of How to roam in Paris, Places to Visit, What to Eat etc will be up in another post πŸ™‚

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