My Laser Hair Removal Experience At KAYA Skin Clinic, Bangalore, Pheonix Mall

As a teenager, One of things that I wanted to gift myself was “Laser Treatment”. I always had this dream that once I start earning I will gift this to myself. However over the years I just forgot about it or the heavy price tag/doubts in my mind holded me back.

One day my friend was sharing her friend’s happy laser treatment experience and that made me realize, oh “that was my dream”. I went home, thought about it and called up Kaya Skin Clinic. Since laser is a bit risky thing and since I was getting it done for first time, I wanted to go with a renowned brand. Thus KAYA only come to my mind.

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BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo Review and Price| ThePinkTrends

One of things that ruins our day is “Having a Bad Hair Day”. Even if you are dressed in your best, have put up a nice lipstick and liner, your hairs can spoil your look. Sometimes, it is practically not possible to shampoo your hair, even though your hairs need it badly. On those days these dry shampoo comes to your rescue. Thank God someone thought about it and invented dry shampoo. In today’s post I am talking about Dry Shampoo By Bblunt.

Bblunt is a famous salon chain and no wonder they came up with hair products. Who can understand hair issues better :). This dry shampoo by BBLUNT is something I tried recently and it has turned out to be a nice product.

BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo Review

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VIDEO: Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow: Orange Icon Reviewed

Hi Girls,

Here’s the review video of Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow-Orange Icon .

What Maybelline Claims:

• Vitamin E helps hydrate and glide on smoothly.
• Sheer pop of colour with a glossy shine and a yummy candy flavor.

Comes in 4 shades

Price: INR 275/- for 2g

Pink Love: 4.25/5

Recommended: Yes, good for a change and works goods as a dual option