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My Laser Hair Removal Experience At KAYA Skin Clinic, Bangalore, Pheonix Mall

My Laser Hair Removal Experience At KAYA Skin Clinic, Bangalore, Pheonix Mall

As a teenager, One of things that I wanted to gift myself was “Laser Treatment”. I always had this dream that once I start earning I will gift this to myself. However over the years I just forgot about it or the heavy price tag/doubts in my mind holded me back.

One day my friend was sharing her friend’s happy laser treatment experience and that made me realize, oh “that was my dream”. I went home, thought about it and called up Kaya Skin Clinic. Since laser is a bit risky thing and since I was getting it done for first time, I wanted to go with a renowned brand. Thus KAYA only come to my mind.

kaya laser treatment
Luckily KAYA was having an offer of underarm laser treatment at RS 85 Only. Hah,  much cheaper than underarm waxing. I went for it, liked the session and booked my upper lips and underarms package.

One package includes 6 sittings that you have to take over a period of year/years, depending on your hair growth.

Process: They will make you lie down comfortably and then shave off your hair. Next they will apply a thick layer of a cool gel. On top of that, the attendant will start putting laser beams to your skin. Sometimes, it will prick a bit but that goes away in seconds. By the time you realize the pain the session will be over. It is really a very quick process. The attendant will then apply ice over and put a cream.
Oh ya, in between you can smell your hairs burning away 😉

Based on your hair type, they will suggest the next session, which will usually be after 1 month and from then the frequency between each session will increase. After the treatment you will see some hair growing back, don’t panic, that’s dead hair. Just shave it off. The new set of hairs will take around 20-30 days to be back.

Here’s my take on Underarms and Upper lips:

Underarms: You will start seeing the results after first session only. The hair growth will be less frequent and the process is also less painful. There won’t be any dark patches around the area. In fact, they have some treatment to lighten that area also. So go sleeveless whenever you want.

Upperlips: Hmm.. For this since hairs are very small, the results will take 2/3 sessions to show their actual effect. For me it took 3 sessions, before I could see any significant difference. Now I don’t even remember that I was the person who had to visit parlor every 10 days to get upper lips done. I couldn’t be happier, you see.

The decision to get lasers done was one of the best gifts I have given myself. Every penny  worth spending.

15k package for Underarms. I got 50% discount on that. During Month of July-Aug watch out for offers
13K around for Upper lips. I got discount on that too.
For me the package costed around 16k.

Do I recommend: Yes, especially Underarms but you have to go to a renowned  place. Don’t get attracted by those heavy discounts everywhere. It is your skin baby.

Some questions that will come up in your mind:

->What if my hair grows back before my next session is scheduled?
Just Shave it off or use cream. Do not wax/thread. The KAYA attendant told me that if you go back to waxing, it will open up your pores and hair will start growing again in other areas

->What if 6 sessions are not enough.?
Well for people with thicker hairs, it will take time. So post 6 sessions, you again need to take further sessions which might be once/twice in a year and will cost around 1k (As I was told ). Not a bad deal still.

->Any side-effect?
I haven’t observed any

Hope I was able to clear some of your doubts. I had so many before I made up my mind that I want to get this done someday. Now that I have, I am not sure why I even doubted it 🙂

18 thoughts on “My Laser Hair Removal Experience At KAYA Skin Clinic, Bangalore, Pheonix Mall”

  • I am so happy that I got my laser hair removal done from Kaya Skin Clinic Bangalore. The whole experience was amazing and, I would like to share my reviews – the staff and clinic, both these were up to the mark. People who are planning to go for lasers should surely, consider Kaya Skin Clinic and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

  • Hello Nisha, I’ve been thinking about hair removal treatment for so long now, and it wasn’t until recently that two of my friends told me they had tried laser hair removal and they were really happy with the decision of getting laser hair removal from Kaya Skin clinic. Finally, i am going to opt for laser in this coming week i hope laser works well for me. Thanks for sharing your review it helped me to get more clarification regarding the treatment.

  • I have started with laser hair removal session from Kaya Skin Clinic Bangalore recently completed the 2nd session and i think getting laser done is worth as we need not have to do waxing or shaving. Thanks for sharing your review !

  • Thanks for your review, Nisha. I think you have nicely addressed all the issues, and I agree with you about Kaya’s laser hair removal treatment. However, I had one query. I used this service to get rid of hair from my arms, and found that all hair was removed in the 3rd sitting itself. Does that mean it will grow back and do I have to sit for the remaining sessions? The folks at Kaya told me that it would be better to complete the session. What do you think?

    • Thanks Sanusha .I would say give it few months , since time between next hair growth will increase with every sitting.. If you have fine hair/less hair growth and are convinced that your hair will not come back , ask them if thy can refund or if u can pass next few sessions to your family/frnds

  • That’s a brilliant review, Nisha. I really like the way you have addressed all the major issues with laser hair removal treatment. I have been meaning to visit Kaya Skin Clinic lately, and now I think I will give it a chance. Although I have read multiple positive reviews about the brand from people whom I trust, your review makes me confident. Thanks, dear.

  • Thank you Nisha Mishra Singh! I am glad that you shared your experience. Even my friends have given me good reviews about laser hair removal at Kaya Skin Clinic they are really happy to get rid of daily waxing routine. I was having so many doubts but now it’s pretty clear.. I am gonna get it done very soon. I hope everything goes well!

  • I am planning for laser hair removal and was looking for someone who had done and wondered what the long term results were like. I am thinking to get it done on my legs and your post helped me to know more about laser hair removal treatment. One of my friend suggested me to go at Kaya Skin clinic Bangalore let’s see how it works.. Excited to get it done..

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