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Bringing Parlour to Your Home with| Review| ThePinkTrends

Bringing Parlour to Your Home with| Review| ThePinkTrends

Hei Girlies,

How was your weekend? I had a nice relaxing weekend which included a bit of pampering at home. I am among those people who love to visit parlor for taking out various services but end of not visiting due to mood, time constraints, travel aspects etc. Thank God for the people who started Beauty Services at Home. is one such great option, I tried this weekend. I took waxing, manicure, pedicure services and simply loved it. They have a wide range of services. As of now, it is only in Bangalore though.

stay glad bangaloreWatch this video to see how efficient the services were:

Booking a service is really easy. Just download their app on mobile or go to website. Choose your service, date and timing and done. The first thing I liked is that the prices are at par with a good salon in your area and next best thing is the ease of making a booking. No longer waiting at the parlour.

Before the appointment, I got a confirmation call about the girl reaching on scheduled time. The parlour girl came with a kit and she only made the necessary arrangements. I loved that their carry sheets, just like in a good parlour and spread it on, so that your house doesn’t get messy.

Once she was ready, she asked questions about my skin and medical history. Then she started with the services and I was really pleased with the service. No compromise in terms of the service or products used.

StayGlad Services bangalore

She continue with the services and I continued with my weekend activity. No longer wasting hours in parlour.

Once service was over, she collected the waste products and put inside garbage bin and she also left the house as it was.

I am totally satisfied with the service and highly recommend it to you.

The only thing I didn’t like was that for my manicure, pedicure they sent just one girl and hence it took a long time and in end I wasn’t that relaxed. Hope they improvise on this, but other than that, Total Love.

I am a convert. No longer going to parlour. Uff , Thank God, Thank you Stay Glad. Thank you for this little mystery box.

Stay Glad Mystery Box

Disclaimer: This review is in association with Stayglad, but you gotta try it to believe me 🙂

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