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Enjoy the Rains with 5 Mins Instant Rusk Pizza

Enjoy the Rains with 5 Mins Instant Rusk Pizza

I am loving Bangalore Weather these days. It is raining constantly and the weather makes me feel as if I am in some hill station. Such a weather calls for some treat. So here’s what I did on a lazy weekend.

It is yummyness in 5 mins. I call it Instant Pizza on Rusk.


Here’s what I did.

Take rusk if you don’t have bread. I took Britannia Rusk. Add a layer of butter (has to be Amul butter for me), added layer of mayonnaise if you want. Grate some cheese. Sprinkle oregano, chili flakes/dill. Add few drops of extra virgin olive oil. Put in oven for 5 mins/till the cheese melts. Take out, serve hot with tea/coffee/hot chocolate.

On days when I want to go a level next, I add some finely sliced tomato, onions, capsicum over rusk and then add the layer of cheese.


Snuggle in your comforters, catch some series and enjoy the rains.


By the way that Messi mug is a gift by me to Hubby. Ordered from . More gift ideas for guys posted here.

Hope you liked this quick snacks recipe.

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