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Freedom From Dampness – Fix it to believe it!

Freedom From Dampness – Fix it to believe it!

As the popular saying goes ‘Home is where Heart is’. A beautiful and comfortable house is the most important part of our life. The key to stay happy is having a home where you look forward to coming back after a tiring day at work or just love to spend the day. It is essential that your house has good amount of ventilation, there is sunlight and it is free from dampness. Just imagine coming back home after a hectic day at office, all you would want to do is sit back on your sofa, have a cup of tea, watch television and relax at the comfort of your home. But that crazy smell coming from the damp walls kills all the experience! Not only that, damp walls is a like a termite that slowly starts to eat up all the positivity from your house. It all starts with damp walls, foul smell, peeling paint, leaking walls and that fungi dwelling up on your furniture.

No matter how much you spend on your furniture, lighting, gadgets, decoration items if you haven’t paid attention to waterproofing your walls, dampness will spoil everything. Not only it spoils your expensive buys but also it eats in all the positive energy of the house. If your house lacks positive energy, it will ultimately reflect in your mood and make you unhappy. Also, the presence of fungus can also have an impact on your health. People living in damp homes can be prone to catching cold, fever frequently apart from increased chances of allergy, asthma etc. A healthy you, needs a healthy home.


Our government is spending a lot on Swachh Bharat movement. Well charity begins at home. Keep your surroundings clean, keep your home clean. With the country celebrating 70th year of Independence and rising awareness about public health and safety, it is time to take a pledge to become responsible citizens and strive for freedom not only from dirt around, but also Freedom from Dampness. Be aware of our neighbourhood surroundings to ensure safety of our residences and structures.


One thing that every Indian dreams is having a home, someday. Throughout our lives, we work tirelessly to make that happen. When that comes true, we spend a lot of money decorating our house, but don’t pay attention to getting it water fixed which can avoid a lot of expenses later on.  Waterproofing is a process of making a structure waterproof/water resistant by taking necessary steps to prevent future water leakages. The structure is made waterproof by adding additional coating. This is especially needed for your roof, balconies, kitchen, and bathroom areas which are more prone to accumulation of water.

Whether you are building a house or getting it renovated or simply noticed dampness around the walls, it is time to take some assistance from waterproofing experts like Dr Fixit. They have a team of dedicated technical expert who can help with you with appropriate solution.


Roof is exposed to harsh weather conditions and if due attention is not given to protect it, it often becomes the source of leakage. If it is your roof that needs waterproofing you can go for product like Dr. Fixit Newcoat Ezee. This product provides a UV resistant, thick elastomeric coating which when applied forms an additional film that helps in preventing the cracks and the accumulation of water.

Similarly to save your exterior walls from impacts of rain and heat you can opt for Dr. Fixit Waterproof coatings which has higher thickness than conventional paint. Its flexibility & breathable properties are also much tougher. It has a range of shade to choose from and gives your home a decorative finish. They have a range of solution for cracks, damp walls etc. You can visit their website to know more.

Waterproofing your house is as important as a laying a strong foundation. Dr. Fixit provides modern day solutions that enhances the life of your house and saves you from hassles of constant repairing and the expenses incurred. Get your house waterproofed from experts, so that you spend rest of the years enjoying the comfort of your beautiful home.


I was watching this video recently, where Amitabh Bachchan says “Mohabbat ki Hoti Barsat, udar Bhi, Idar Bhi. Magar ye ho na saka, Magar ye ho na saka. Kyunki Dr Fixit Panni ki seelon kya, feelon ko bhi idhar se udar nai aane deta”. Watch it out, it talks about very important aspect of building a house with the famous Amitabh Bachchan punch.


So gain more information on how to keep you home Healthy and keep yourself and your family happy by visiting The Happy Homes Blog.


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