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Budget Perfumes for Women under Rs 1500 | ZARA , Marks and Spencer

Budget Perfumes for Women under Rs 1500 | ZARA , Marks and Spencer

Hi Everyone,

Budget perfumes is something we are always looking out for. In my last post I talked about a few which I have used and liked. In this blog post I am going to share few more which are mainly from Marks and Spencer and Zara. These two brands make really good budget perfumes. I have been using the various varieties in past few years and thus thought of sharing my most picked up ones.


  1. Marks and Spencer : New York New York

This perfumed was launched few months back by M n S.  It is a mix of fresh and fruity fragrance. It feels quite fresh and yet subtle since it has bit of woody tones also. Stays on me for some 2/3 hours.

Price: 100 Ml Rs 1500. Smaller size is also available which is quite easy to carry around

M n S New York

2, 3. Marks and Spencer: ISIS Pink and Simply Pearl

These are the smaller version and so much easy to carry around. ISIS pink is one of my favorite. It has very subtle vanilla fragrance. Stays for some 3 hours +.

Price: Rs 999 for 25 ml

M n S Perfumes4.  ZARA Oriental

Again a very fresh floral fragrance. Good option for summer. Stays for some 2+ hours.

Price: Don’t remember exactly. Close to some Rs 400.


5. ZARA RED Vanilla

My Current favorite. A warm vanilla fragrance. Not too sweet but sweet in a nice vanilaish way.  Good Mix of Musk and Vanilla. Strong and perfect choice for night/winters. Stays for 3+ hours.

Price: Some 545 for 30 ml

zara red vanila perfume

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