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Road Trip to Horsley Hills From Bangalore

Road Trip to Horsley Hills From Bangalore

Hi Guys,
Last weekend we took Road Trip to Horsley Hills From Bangalore and I filmed my road trip journey for you all. Horsley Hills is a hill top in Andhra Pradesh and is some 144 Km from Bangalore. The Road is smooth and the drive is decent. Once you start approaching the area, it gets quite greener. The last few kms towards the hill top is quite beautiful.

horsley hills

On the hill top itself, you don’t have much to do but it is good for a small picnic or sending some hours enjoying the air , the greenery and all the freshness. Get some pics clicking.

There aren’t much eating options around. There are some Govt Accommodation and they have food too but timings are fixed. Accommodation looked pretty decent but are overpriced I felt. Some 4K around for a day.

I would recommend this place for a day drive.

Watch the video:

Stay Tuned for more Road trips from Bangalore.

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