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Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Hi Guys,

I recently made Spinach Corn Cheese sandwich and it turned out great. I love eating this sandwich. It’s yummy, healthy and quite easy to make. Hence I thought of sharing with you all.

Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich

No of Sandwiches: 5

Breads Needed: 10 Slices

No of People: 2

Here You Go:

  • Boil Corn in water with bit of Salt. Once Done, keep aside.
  • Take bunch of Spinach and boil with bit of salt. Once boiled i.e. reduced to almost half, take it off the gas and cool it.
  • Heat a pan and put a bit of butter. Add chopped garlic (4-5 pieces), small grated ginger, 1/4 tbsp Chili Flakes, 3 green chilies, 1/4 tbsp Jeera(Cumin) Powder, 1/4 tbsp sounf (Fennel) Powder (optional).  Cook all these for a minute or two. Add this to spinach and grind in mixer. Add a bit of water, if you face difficulty grinding it.
  • Heat a pan, put the spinach mixer.  Break and add two slices of Cheese.
  • Add 1/4 Tbsp Sugar, 1 Tbsp Cream(taste the mix, if it is not spicy then you can avoid cream), 1 Tbsp Tomato Ketchup( preferably chili tomato version). Add salt as per taste. Cover the mix and cook it for 10-15 mins on slow-medium flame. Few mins before switching of the flame, add boiled corn. Check the consistency, once it  is thick, switch off the flame.
  • Heat the toaster or tawa. Add bit of butter and toast the inside slices a bit. Toasting the inside of bread  is optional though
  • Take bread slice, add the above mix, put 1 tbsp Mayonnaise. I added Honey Salad Dressing. Cover with other slice. Put butter in Tawa/Toaster and toast the sandwich till it is brown on both sides.
  • Cut in two slices and enjoy it hot. Serve with green chutney or Tomato Ketchup. Add in some chips as sides.



Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich

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