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Missing Mom on Festival !! – Try this Quick Till Ladoos for Lohri/Sankranti

Missing Mom on Festival !! – Try this Quick Till Ladoos for Lohri/Sankranti

This Lohri/Sankranti I tried making Til/ Sesame Ladoo at Home and it tried out Yum. My friend told me about this version and it looked pretty simple and so I thought of trying it and it turned out good.

Food is a big part of Indian Festivals and staying away from home, I always miss the desserts Mom used to make for festivals. Hence I thought of trying Till Ladoo this time. It is quick and simple and you can give this a try. Just be careful to make the Ladoo while the mix is hot, else it will not bind together. Also, if your palm gets hot, put a bit of water and carry on.

Here’s the recipe:
1. Take a bowl of Til and dry roast it on low flame till medium brown. Do not over roast it. You will notice a nice aroma once it starts roasting
2. Let the til cool off and then take the til and grind it coarsely in a mixture. Let a bit of it aside, to be used later for final coating.
3. Transfer to big bowl, add 1 cup of Bura Sugar. This is available locally in grocery stores.
4. Add 2 spoons of Elachi/Cardamom Powder. Try making it at home for better results
5. Take nuts of your choice and finely chop them and add to above mix. 2 Spoons. I took Kaju, Pista and Almond and instead of chopping, very very coarsely grinded them in mixer.
6. Take 1 bowl of Khoya. I took 200 g pack of Milky Mist Khoya. Make sure it is kept at room temperature for some time
7. In a pan, add 1 spoon of Ghee, Add Khoya and cook it till Khoya is slightly brown.
8. Add Khoya to the above mix
9. While the mix is hot, start small portions, squeeze it and start making ladoos.
10. Coat the ladoos with til
11. Enjoy

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