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Introducing Vanity Cube Services by VLCC

Introducing Vanity Cube Services by VLCC

Hei Girls,

How was your long weekend. I had a pretty busy one and it was packed with many activities. I utilized my time spending time with my Family and Friends. I wanted to head our for Parlor, but why go anywhere when Parlor can come to you. VLCC Team had contacted me about their newly launched ‘At Home’ services called as VLCC Vanity Cube in Bangalore and I thought of utilizing the best of ‘Comfort at Home’ and ‘Taking Care of Myself’, hence I called them for Pedicure Service.


The lady called me up to confirm about the set timing, giving me a heads up. She then came with all the required stuff and withing minutes she had set herself up, all ready to give me Pedicure. She started the service and we engaged in bit of chit chat. While she was giving me pedicure, I watched You Tube videos along with some hot tea. Thanks to all the comfort of Home, giving ability to relax and multitask.

vlcc vanity cube products

She used all of VLCC Products for service, which was really good and her service was quite professional. She followed all the process required for pedicure and also gave a bit of leg massage which was quite relaxing.vlcc vanity pedicure at home

Once done, she cleaned up the place also, making sure my house is in same condition, as before her service.

At Home Parlor these days are great initiative and I am happy that VLCC is also joined the league. They are already having so many successful outlets across cities. They have many services option ranging from Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure to Facials to Hair Spa. Basically no more heading to Parlor for your daily chores or some Indulgence . Give them a try :).

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