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Hei I Got a New Phone Cover- It Has Everything I Love

Hei I Got a New Phone Cover- It Has Everything I Love

So Months Back I was dying to buy Xiaomi Note 5 Pro Rose Gold Phone. Like with most MI new launches, this phone was obviously all the time out of stock. I have spent hopeless hours tracking MI sale, going to store just to buy Rose Gold Phone. While I had to go through many failed attempt, Gold Cover phone got available but I was still longing for Rose Gold. Finally one day I got tired of using my dabba replacement phone and went ahead and bought Gold covered phone.

Later while I was looking for a good phone cover, I couldn’t find anything good on most popular sites. I did a random google search and came upon Hamee India website. I had never heard of this brand, but they had good phone cases and in a affordable price range. Hence I went ahead with my gut feeling and bought myself a lovely case. It is all that I need/ love in life, plus it is so colorful and vibrant, just like me 🙂

Surprisingly the quality of case is also good. So currently I am all happy.

Oh by the way I am loving my Note 5 Pro Phone, smooth to use and takes such good selfies, videos and awesome Portrait pics. I am kinda official photographer in my office these days 🙂

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