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Sugar Matt Lipsticks- Current Love-Scarlett O’ Hara

Sugar Matt Lipsticks- Current Love-Scarlett O’ Hara

So Sugar Cosmetics Lippies are recently all around my Instagram and I must say I never tried it so far thinking it is also one of the promotional thing where all bloggers at same time go ga ga over. So I never cared to try it out.

Once for an event I borrowed my friends MAC Ruby Woo. Ya I am one among those girls who don’t own the cult faviourite ‘Ruby Woo’ and also I am not a big fan ‘yet’!!. However, once I used it, I kinda liked it but still not that much to spend 1500 bucks. This was before MAC minis were launched.

So one day I saw Savi from Bruised Passport wearing and recommending Sugar Cosmetics most selling shade – Scarlett O Hara, which is a dupe for MAC’s Ruby Woo. . Now she is not a beauty blogger, so I believed her and placed my order for ‘Ruby Woo’s’ dupe ‘Scarlett O Hara’.

Wore it once to team outing and after all day of games, food and swim this lippie was intact and a colleague asked me which shade am I wearing. She was surprised that even after Swim and no touch up, it was there. And that’s when I realized the power of Scarlet o Hara.

Sugar Scarlet o Hara Lipstick
Sugar Scarlet o Hara Lipstick

Sugar Scarlet o Hara Lipstick2

This one is pigmented, glide on smoothly, very light on lips and stay for a long 5-6 hours. What more to ask for !!. And  matt and a red shade that pops up on your face . I am sold. Are you sold too, ya aur bolu?

Scarlet o Hara Sugar Cosmetics

So I bought two more shades, Peach Princess and Rose Dawson. Peach is a soft peachy orange, but that pigmented as Scarlet o Hara. Rose Dawson is a everyday soft pink. But these two are two soft to handle and melts a bit and breaks easily, so you gotta be careful with them.

Sugar Matt as Hell Lipstick

I highly recommend Scarlet o Hara, but other shades you can look for in any other brand for lesser price.

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