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DesiGoonj on Instagram

DesiGoonj on Instagram

Hi Girls,

From quite sometime I wanted to start a platform where I bring in products across India under single platform. If  you follow me, you know I love Travelling. Everytime during my vacation, I love exploring the local market and always thought of bringing those items back to share with larger audience. Hence after a lot of thought, finally I have bought few items under my Insta Store @DesiGoonj. I have started with few items and will expand in upcoming days.

Here are few items for you to have a look. Hope you will like the collection. Please have a look and share your love and encourgement via following my account on Instagram:

Banarasi Dupatta. Doing another detailed post on this.

Pink Banarasi Summer Silk Dupatta_DesiGoonj


Earrings and Jewellery: Find More on Link:

DesiGoonj_German Silver Earrings

DesiGoonj_German Silver Afgani Earrings

DesiGoonj_Colorful Thread Bangles

DesiGoonj_Colorful Jumkas

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