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Gooey Chocolate Oreo Biscuit Cake- Instant Dessert

orHi Guys,

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2017. Hope you have a great year ahead. On 31st Night I made this instant and easy Chocolate Cake from Oreo Biscuit which turned out to be pretty great. Sharing the recipe with you all. This is inspired from Komal’s Cake recipe but I have added some twists on mine. I will put the link to her recipe as well.

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Enjoy the Rains with 5 Mins Instant Rusk Pizza

I am loving Bangalore Weather these days. It is raining constantly and the weather makes me feel as if I am in some hill station. Such a weather calls for some treat. So here’s what I did on a lazy weekend.

It is yummyness in 5 mins. I call it Instant Pizza on Rusk.


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No Bake-Easy and Instant Oreo Dessert Recipe

Happpppy New Year (2015) Friends…It’s time of year again where we are filled with new hopes and excitement. Every Year we all plan on doing something new. So what are your plans for this year? I am definitely going to explore more in the area of kitchen 😀

So let’s start the year on a Sweet Note. Shall We.

Instant Oreo Dessert

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Tea from our Kashmir-Kashmiri Kahwa

We Indians have a special love for Tea.It is such a integral part of our lives.Whether its waking up with a cup of tea or getting energized up with it or catching up with a friend or just sipping it for taste.And its just not the occasion which is different for each person it is also the flavor preference.Some of us like our tea with Ginger,some Elaichi,some prefer lemon tea and so on.The way tea is prepared also differs from state to state.That is why India is such a country of cultural diversity.

Today I bring you another such flavor of tea from our Heaven Kashmir.It is called as Kahwah.My husband’s colleague from Kashmir told him about this tea and was really sweet to get the leaves for him,so that we can try it at home :). It is basically a green tea but is rich in flavor of Indian Spices.It is such a different form of tea and must be tried by every Indian once.

Kashmiri Tea_Kahwah

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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Hi Friends,

We all love weekends but most popular question of a weekend is “What do I make for breakfast Today“. Isn’t it. So that’s why I bring you few quick recipes that are healthy and taste yum.

1. Masala Oats Pancake: Gone are the days when Oats were a boring thing to eat. Now with the invention of Masala Oats there is quite a lot of things that you can make with oats.The good part is that they are healthy and taste quite good.You can just put them in boiling water and eat straight away or mix some onion,tomato,peas etc to it and eat it.I personally like the Masala ones from Saffola. If you want to be little more inventive here’s the recipe for you.

Masala Oats Pancake_Breakfast Recipe


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Soya Chunks in Chinese Style

I must admit that I have never been a fan of Soyabean,until recently.I just realized that I have been eating it the wrong ie the boring way till now.I have heard a lot about its health benefits and all but never actually experimented with it.

Recently one day, I had nothing else at home than just a packet of Soya Chunks,so I took it and started making something with it.I started it as a normal dish that was just supposed to satisfy our hunger but it it turned out to be so great and tasty that I felt like I should share with you all.I am hoping that there will be people like me who have neglected it so far.So here is something fun that you can make with soyabean. I don’t have any name for it so Let’s Call It- “Soya Chunks in Chinese Style”soyabean in chinese style Continue reading

Monsoon Bites ..A Quick Calzone Recipe

It has started to rain from quite few days in Bangalore(Finally!!) and the  weather is just right to have something hot spicy and yummy..Few days days when it was pouring heavily outside I was in a mood to have something that is hot and spicy,is quick and can me made with the limited resources that I had at home then.So this is what I made..A quick version of Domino’s Calzone Pocket..

Quick Calzone Recipe

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Chicken Biryani with Side Curry

Today I am super duper proud of myself. This is because finally I prepared Chicken Biryani at home. Somehow I always thought that it is very difficult  to prepare it at home. After my successful experiment, I will say that it is not as hard as you expect , but yes takes around 1/ 1 and half hour of your time, but the happiness of enjoying it is worth your time 🙂


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Make Yummy Mango Ice Cream at Home

I scream, You Scream , We all scream for Ice Cream. :). It’s summers and nothing makes one happy in summers than Ice cream and Mangoes. So how about a quick and simple mango ice cream recipe? And since this is my first post in this series, it had to be a dessert. I have a big sweet tooth. 😀

So this is what you need to make Mango Ice cream. It is quick and easy and yummy.

You Need

  • One nice ripe Mango. Choose a mango with nice taste.
  • Cream. I chose Amul cream
  • Sugar as per your taste

mango icecream

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