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Tea from our Kashmir-Kashmiri Kahwa

We Indians have a special love for Tea.It is such a integral part of our lives.Whether its waking up with a cup of tea or getting energized up with it or catching up with a friend or just sipping it for taste.And its just not the occasion which is different for each person it is also the flavor preference.Some of us like our tea with Ginger,some Elaichi,some prefer lemon tea and so on.The way tea is prepared also differs from state to state.That is why India is such a country of cultural diversity.

Today I bring you another such flavor of tea from our Heaven Kashmir.It is called as Kahwah.My husband’s colleague from Kashmir told him about this tea and was really sweet to get the leaves for him,so that we can try it at home :). It is basically a green tea but is rich in flavor of Indian Spices.It is such a different form of tea and must be tried by every Indian once.

Kashmiri Tea_Kahwah

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