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Nykaa Black Eyeliner and Nykaa Gold Rush (Gold Soul) Nailpaint Review| Nykaa New Launches

Hi Guys,

Nykaa has recently launched a whole range of makeup products. They have a line of lipsticks, nailpaints, matt nailpaints and newest addition is their black liquid liner. In Today’s video I am talking about two of their latest launches their Gold Rush Nailpaints and Black Liquid Liner.

Nailpaint: Gold Rush-Shade Gold Soul Price: Rs 250
Liner: Shade 01, Black. Price Rs 299

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L’Oreal Paris Intense Gel Intenza in Diamond Black and Liquid Lipstick in Plum Quartet Review and FOTD

 Hi Girls,

Every time Cannes Festival comes in there is so much to look forward too. On one side there is the Bollywood beauties make you go “Wohooo” and on other hand there is L’Oreal coming with such great products. Today I am here with review of rest of the products from the L’Oreal Paris Cannes 2015 Collection. The Super Liner Gel Intenza and Liquid Lipgloss. The Swarovski Lipstick from this collection is reviewed here.

L’Oréal Paris Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in plum

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Quick Preview: L’Oreal Paris Cannes 2015 Collection

Hi Friends,

This Saturday was quite crazy for me. Vero Moda, Only and Jack n Jones were offering flat 60% discount in their selected outlets across cities. I was pretty excited about it and thought of giving it a try. The store gates were to open at 6AM. I was there at 7AM and was surprised to see such a long queue. The interesting part was that there were so many guys out there. Nah, there were not just accompanying their girl-friends but were actually there to shop. I looked at the queue and headed for breakfast instead of waiting. Before leaving, I thought of checking the store again and luckily there was no queue. I went in. The environment inside was crazy. There was so much of stuff inside that one would need eagle eyes to find some good stuff. If you have ever done street shopping, you will understand what am I saying !! The thing that made the experience lovely was the loud music. So one could groove and shop. After spending few hours in the store I came back home to discover the L’Oreal Paris- Cannes 2015 Collection in my mail.

I swatched them and was really impressed with the products. It happens very rarely that you love the products so much that they inspire you to write about them as soon as you get a chance. The packaging is lovely as usual. The rich moistt range has Swarovski crystals embedded on the tube which adds another class to the lippie.

loreal paris 2015 cannes collection

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Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara-Review, Swatches and Price

Hi Girls,

I am sure you must have wondered many times that how easy our lives will be if our dear mascara came with a smaller wand for lower eyelashes. It is always a pain to use the regular mascara on the lower lashes. Since it is slightly hard to coat the lower lashes with neatness they mostly tend to get neglected. So while the upper lashes gets all flirty and dressed up, the lower lashes stay like a poor girl.

I am glad that Maybelline New York has come up with this new mascara that is going to solve this problem. How? Simple, have two wands. One for upper lashes other for lower. Problem solved right 🙂 :). This is something that must have got introduced years back.

Well, I was in need of a mascara and when I saw this being launched, I just had to buy it. At least for the two wands thing.

Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

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Maybelline Colossal Eyeliner-Review Swatches and Price- The New Kid in Town

There’s talk on the street; it sounds so familiar
Great expectations, everybody’s watching you
People you meet, they all seem to know you
Even your old friends treat you like you’re something new

Colossal Liner come lately, the new kid in town
Everybody loves you, so don’t let them down

Somehow this is the song that is playing in my mind whenever I am applying this liner. I love to go little dramatic with my eyeliner and this seemed to be to must grab product for me. I loved using the Maybelline Gel Liner and Maybelline Liquid Liner and hence when I saw Maybelline launching this, it had to make to my shopping cart. I am attracted to anything that is simple and quick to use. This one is definitely going to be a new favorite. I wish Maybelline launches more colors in this range.

Maybelline Colossal LinerBlack Review

Maybelline has recently launched two eye products that I am quite excited to try. The Colossal EyeLiner and The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara. The Eyeliner belongs to the popular Colossal family and the big eyes mascara has double-brush wand, but more about that in next post. Continue reading

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Eyeshadow Palette-Review, Swatches and Price: Great Palette for Beginners


Coastal Scents_Revealed2_Review_Indian Blog1

Hi Girls,

Today I bring you a great Eye shadow Palette which has a great range of neutral shades. Something that you will go with most of your outfits. This is a great palette for those who are not much fan of very bold eye colors.

I Wanted to try my hands at Eye Makeup and thus wanted a palette which is easy to use and has a wide collection of wearable colors. Anyone who’s interested in eye makeup would have definitely heard of Urban Decay Naked Palette. Naked Palette has very neutral shades and is loved by beauty bloggers across the globe. This one is similar to that but at much lesser price.

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ThePinkTrends Picks: The Rock Stars and Dud Products Of 2014

best and worst of 2014

It’s almost the end of the year . Just a day left. Can you believe it? I am sure all of you must be busy making your new year plans and so on. So as my last post for the year 2014, I thought what could be better than telling you about the best and worst products I have used this year.

This year I have bought a lot of stuff, some were part of wedding kit, some great reviews , some blogging keeda( bug) and some just like that. So I am hoping this post will help you pick some really good products for the year 2015.

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Maybelline HyperGlossy Liquid Eyeliner Review

Hi Beauties

Today I bring you a awesome product from Maybelline, which you must check out if you have not done so far. It is the Hyperglossy Liquid Eyeliner range by Maybelline. The black one seems to be in market from quite some time, but I somehow ignored it, until Maybelline introduced the Electric HyperGlossy Range and bought some gorgeous shades on the plate.

I always thought that liquid liner will be messy and flaky and thus never bought it. After seeing the new electrics range I thought of giving it a try and now it has become a must have item in my vanity.

Maybelline Hyperglossy Eyeliner Black

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Lakme Eyeconic-Grey Goddess Review

My love for colored eyeliner dates back in ages and I have tried many eyeliners from various Brands like -Maybelline, Chambor, Colorbar (Review Here),Avon, Lakme . Lakme Eyeconic range is what I am trying out now, as I absolutely love their Kajal. The current favorite of mine from Eyeconic range is Grey. It is a lovely Matt grey.  I didn’t like their blue as it is more on black side .Chambor has a lovely Matt blue, but after discovering Colorbar and Lakme Eyeconic I find Chambor little pricey 😉

Below are the shades that Eyeconic range is offering currently.

Kareena In Lakme Eyeconic1

Below are my two current favorites from Lakme Eyeconic. Black and Grey. I am planning to buy white next to be little experimental 😉

Lakme Eyeconic


lakme eyeconic kajals

Why the love for  Lakme Eyeconic:

  • Great Pigmentation
  • Doesn’t smudge. Really. Even though I have tendency to rub my eyes, it stays nicely for me.
  • Good staying power on upper lash-line. Around 5/6 hours
  • Very smooth and creamy and glides easily.
  • Really Easy on pocket.
  • Easy to carry while traveling
  • Waterproof

Downsides of Lakme Eyeconic:

  • Lakme Eyeconic kajal doesn’t stay for 10 hour as it claims. Though on upper eyelids it has good staying power, so I don’t mind it.
  • In waterline staying power is less than for Upper Eye Line. But Not a huge disappointment for me.
  • Since they are creamy and are retractile pencils if not careful, it breaks.
  • In Eyeconice range, all pencils look same(except white), so you have to read the pencil to identify the color.

Price : 199 for Kajal, 249 for Colored Eyepencils

lakme eyeconic kajals

Even if Eyeconic has these small downsides, I still love them for the price. No wonder they are such a huge hit among girls these days. I am sure most of you keep stacking them. Don’t you?


Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencils-Latest Love

Love Eyepencils? Haven’t heard of Colorbar I Glide Pencils? Ladies you too are missing great eye pencils like me.Yesterday I discovered Colobar Eyepencils and I am regretting it so much that I have discovered it so, so late. If you are like me, have love for eyepencils but have not discovered Colorbar yet,then go straight to Colorbar counters and discover there “GORGEOUS”, “GORGEOUS” eye pencils. I went to shopping yesterday as My Chambor-Blue Eye pencil was over and I wanted to repurchase it . I love the Blue Matt effect it has. Every time I wear it I get compliments from other girls(which means a lot u know). Sadly they didn’t had the stock so I thought of checking out other brands. Next to that was Colorbar, which is recently added to my list of good brands after I bought some of their lipsticks and it turned out to be good. Colorbar Coral Lipstick Review here .So I asked the sales girl to show me the shades. Once she swatched them on my hand, I was sold. It has such beautiful colors and such a great texture, that I wanted to buy everything. But Finally bought the lovely Purple shade, since I don’t have any purple eyeliner yet. So if you haven’t tried them yet. Go ahead and check them out. Below are the swatches for I Glide Range. 851___011 So here’s Why the love for these Eyepencil:

  • Super creamy,soft and easy to glide
  • High Pigmentation. You just need one or two swipes
  • Awesome shades both in sparkly and matt effect
  • Very good staying power and doesn’t smudge
  • Price is 499 for 1.1g for Sparkly one. Matt ones called as I Define is 325 Rs.
  • Comes out fine with my Maybelline Makeup remover

The downside:

  • None of as now for me. I am totally loving it but those sparkles scatter a bit if rub eyes and all.
  • If you wear lenses, then you might have to be careful as it has tiny shimmery particles that might affect your eye. Not sure though. But you can try the other non shimmery shades.

I am eagerly waiting for my other pencils to be over soon, so that I can buy other awesome shades from Colorbar. Have you been using Colorbar pencil girls?Like them? Love them? Do drop your reviews and comments below.