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The Body Shop Haul – Vitamin E Range, Strawberry Scrub, Rainforest Coconut Hairoil

Hi Guys,

Body Shop was recently having great discounts on their products. So I went ahead and bought myself 4 of their products including their latest launched Vitamin E day cream and serum. I bought some classic sellers like Coconut Hair Oil and Strawberry Body Polish Too. I am really liking all the products I have bought recently and hence did a quick review for you guys.

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Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Review

Hi Girls,

In today’s video I am reviewing Tangle Teezer Compact Hair Styler review. This is a great product to detangle your hairs. It runs through smoothly and doesn’t pull out any hairs.
It makes the hair look quite smooth and straight.

Watch the video here:

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BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo Review and Price| ThePinkTrends

One of things that ruins our day is “Having a Bad Hair Day”. Even if you are dressed in your best, have put up a nice lipstick and liner, your hairs can spoil your look. Sometimes, it is practically not possible to shampoo your hair, even though your hairs need it badly. On those days these dry shampoo comes to your rescue. Thank God someone thought about it and invented dry shampoo. In today’s post I am talking about Dry Shampoo By Bblunt.

Bblunt is a famous salon chain and no wonder they came up with hair products. Who can understand hair issues better :). This dry shampoo by BBLUNT is something I tried recently and it has turned out to be a nice product.

BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo Review

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Roots Professional HSLM Hair Straightener Review: Get Ready in Minutes This Festive Season

Hi Girls,

October is here. Yay!!!! I am sure you must be equally excited as me. I mean all the festivities will begin now. For girls that means there will be loads of occasions to dress up :D.  When dressing up one important thing is styling your hairs. You cannot hit parlor every time right. That is where hair straighteners play a big part. This season I am reviewing a cute peachish hair straightener by Roots.

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Lovely Rose Based Products You Should Try Out

Every girl love roses. A bouquet of roses always fascinates me and almost every girl I know. So I bring you some rose based products that I have used in past and really enjoyed using. So here is the list for you all. Enjoy !!

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel:

This is my absolute favorite. Smells divine. It is quite hydrating and doesn’t dry at all. The best part is that it has small rose petals particles, so there is something exciting every time you open up the bottle. Bathroom smells refreshing for hours. Sadly it is not available in India. Make sure you ask your friends travelling to India from US/UK to get this for you.

lush rose jam shower gel

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Forest Essentials Indian Rose Absolute Shampoo Review and Prices

My love for Forest Essentials started last year. I had heard great things about Forest Essentials products and beauty bloggers seemed to love it. And why shouldn’t they!!  Forest Essentials products are 100% natural, thus free from all those harmful chemicals and uses the products used in Indian Ayurveda.

The first product that I bought from FE was the Forest Essential Rose Shampoo. I wanted to try some Sulphate Free shampoo and this looked quite promising. So I bought it and made my husband also to use it. Here is the conversation we had during our usage of the shampoo.

 forest essential rose shampoo (3)

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Forest Essential Hual..Sponsored by Hubby :) :)

Forest Essential Products

Hi Girls,

I am so excited to share with you all my latest Forest Essential Hual. Apart from the fact that I got three Forest Essential Products, what’s more exciting for me is that all of them are sponsored by Hubby :). Yay!! Apparently, he liked the Forest Essential Rose Shampoo so much that he really wanted to try out more products from their range.

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ThePinkTrends Picks: The Rock Stars and Dud Products Of 2014

best and worst of 2014

It’s almost the end of the year . Just a day left. Can you believe it? I am sure all of you must be busy making your new year plans and so on. So as my last post for the year 2014, I thought what could be better than telling you about the best and worst products I have used this year.

This year I have bought a lot of stuff, some were part of wedding kit, some great reviews , some blogging keeda( bug) and some just like that. So I am hoping this post will help you pick some really good products for the year 2015.

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Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment: A Treat For My Hairs

Ever since I started blogging and became more active on social media this I was one oil I saw everywhere. Bloggers were raving about it, stylists and salons were recommending it. Even when I went to my my salon-Bounce( a decent salon in Bangalore) they also started about it. So finally I bought it. This oil is rich in Argan Oil ( A oil supposed to work great for hairs and a hot buzz in Industry) . Though I was little guilty after buying it as I have never bought such costly hair oil/serum but once I started using it , I am liking it a lot.

moroccan oil_indian blog


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Tutorial:Color Your Hair At Home With Loreal Casting Creme Gloss

Hi Girls,

Today I am going to share with you how to color your hair at home in few simple steps and save a lottt of money :). All you have to do is Mix, Apply, Wash. After trying this at home, I am never going back to salons.

(I was supposed to do this post weeks back but it just kept getting delayed. I am not yet habituated of taking Selfies and thus I had no after hair color pics to show you girls. Yesterday I managed to take some pics so thought of doing this post 🙂 )

Sometime back I had started to get my hair colored as henna was making my hair rough and I really wanted to try out different hair colors. First few times, I got it done in a salon and they charged me a whopping sum of money. After few visits to salon, I realized that there is nothing special they are doing for global hair color(full) and it can easily be done at home.

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