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Nykaa Black Eyeliner and Nykaa Gold Rush (Gold Soul) Nailpaint Review| Nykaa New Launches

Hi Guys,

Nykaa has recently launched a whole range of makeup products. They have a line of lipsticks, nailpaints, matt nailpaints and newest addition is their black liquid liner. In Today’s video I am talking about two of their latest launches their Gold Rush Nailpaints and Black Liquid Liner.

Nailpaint: Gold Rush-Shade Gold Soul Price: Rs 250
Liner: Shade 01, Black. Price Rs 299

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ThePinkTrends Picks: The Rock Stars and Dud Products Of 2014

best and worst of 2014

It’s almost the end of the year . Just a day left. Can you believe it? I am sure all of you must be busy making your new year plans and so on. So as my last post for the year 2014, I thought what could be better than telling you about the best and worst products I have used this year.

This year I have bought a lot of stuff, some were part of wedding kit, some great reviews , some blogging keeda( bug) and some just like that. So I am hoping this post will help you pick some really good products for the year 2015.

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Maybelline Colorshow Wine and Dine Review

Hi Girls,

How is Sunday going for you. Well for me I had a lazy Saturday so wanted to go out today.While getting ready I browsed through my nail paint collection (have a hugeee collection) and landed on Wine and Dine from Maybelline Colorshow range.

Maybelline colorshow_wine and dine

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Another Craze from Maybelline..Coral Craze

As promised girls, I am bringing you another lovely shade from Maybelline. This is Coral Craze.

I totally totally love this range. You want a color and you have got it here. I have already said enough about this range.

Coral Craze is again a very pretty shade and has nice coral touch. This is perfect for the girls who do not like bold and flashy colors.This is very good color to pick if you want those subtle hands and also the color that you can easily sport in your office. maybelline coral crush nailpaintI don’t have much more to say here. Guess I have already told my love for Colorshow range multiple times 🙂 So here is how it looks on my hands.maybelline-coral-crushHere are various posts I have done so far on Maybelline Nailpaints.

Maybelline Fiesty Fuschia          Maybelline Pastel Shades     Maybelline Colorshow Blues and Greens

Let’s Share: Does this end your search for a nice Coral Nailpaint? How do you like Maybelline Colorshow range?

Pretty Hands using H20+ Hand Cream

I am a total fan of hand creams these days as I love how it makes my hand soft, moist and also makes my worries go away.My major hand problem is that if there is a small amount of skin coming out I keep on picking them and the situation worsens. I have a bad habit of picking them especially when I am tensed or nervous. So here is H20 hand cream to my rescue. As soon as I apply them I can feel my skin relaxing.I discovered hand cream by H20 through My Envy Box and I am really liking it these days.

h20 hand cream

Before I go on about Hand Creams, would like to share a sweet memory from my school days ..

One of my guy classmate shared with me that he shook hands with a girl and all he could think was “Wow her hands are so soft  🙂 ..Like Malai” and then asked me that how do girls get such soft hands.. 😉 😀

Well some of us are blessed with good skin and for others there are hand creams :)..

What is a Hand Cream and Why a Hand Cream you ask..

They say hands age faster than face(Really !!!!) ,so if u want those lovely hands then you should pay attention to your hands.Most of us apply tons of products to our face but neglect our hands. So after few years you see some ladies with a pretty face but not so pretty hands.Also, I personally feel that  if you want to save  on your visits to parlor for manicure then you should start using hand creams.It really helps to get those nice lovely hands.Just regular use of hand creams and a nice nail paint are good enough to give you those pretty hands.Also hand creams helps to improve the health of your cuticles.

My Current Favorite: H20+ Hand Cream Other Product Used: Marks and Spencer

h20 hand cream1

How To Use

Take small amount and rub over your nails and cuticles and hands. You can use it anytime, after bath, before going to sleep, before going out. It is up to your preference.

Price: RS 1180 for 180 ML

Why the love

  • Really, Really Moisturizing. A small amount is enough for many hours.
  • Hands feel really soft after I apply it
  • Has a nice subtle fragrance  and I love nice smelling hands.
  • Helps control those skin coming out near nails
  • I felt that my nails are also strong after its use
  • Has improve my cuticles health, I don’t get dead cuticles much now
  • Comes in a handy bottle which is quite easy to carry.


  • Quite Pricey
  • Not easily available across stores. In Bangalore I have seen there counters mostly in Shoppers Stop.

Though this H20 hand cream is pricey, I like the results. I have also used hand cream from Marks and Spencer(will do a review soon) which is quite decent for its price(around 300 Rs) so I do a mix and match with these hand creams, based on how my hands are behaving :). Also this mix and match helps me in effectively managing my budget 🙂

Lets Share : Are you also a fan of Hand Creams ? Which ones are your favorite?

Perfect Pink for your Nails From Maybelline Colorshow

Recently I bought one lovely pink shade from Maybelline Colorshow range- Fiesty Fuschia. This is a lovely dovely pink from this range. Totally love the shade. A perfeccctt Pinkkkk. :). Maybelline Colorshow is my current favorite range of nailpaints. You want any color, you got it here girl.

Maybelline Fiesty Fushia

This is how it looks on my hands

Maybelline Fiesty FushiaI am totally loving this shade on my hands. Make them look so vibrant and young :). This is a lovely shade of pink that should suit all

Pink Nail Paint

Why the love

  • Lovely shade of pink
  • Affordable and Awesome colors in less money
  • Dries quickly
  • Has a nice glossy effect
  • Two swipes gives a nice even look
  • Stays for 3/4 days without chipping
  • Easily Available around

Any Dislikes..

  • None..None..None..

I have another lovely shade from this range. Review will be up soon.

Let’s Share...Need I ask you if you like this range ? You obviously do..:D …So which are your favorite colors from this range…

Color Your Nails As You Want With Maybelline Colorshow Range

These are just great times in world of Fashion, Cosmetics etc. With the Internet age the consumers are more aware and are demanding for more . Since the  competition is increasing, every brand is coming with various options for their consumers. One such revloution is by Maybelline.

Maybelline has revamped its nail paint range by launching the Colorshow range. This is a TOTAL revolution in the world of nail paints .For just 75 Rs you get every possible shade and a good quality nailpaint. Now which girl won’t like this. 😀

Mayblline Colorshow range
Mayblline Colorshow range

I recently bought some blues and greens from Colorshow range . Below are few such colors and I am totally loving them. Fun colors in few bucks.


Maybelline Colorshow
Maybelline Colorshow Nailpaints

Why the love:

  • It has more than 40 shades that comes in as less as 75 Rs
  • Just two swipes and you are good to go
  • Stays without chipping for 3/4 days easily
  • Dries in seconds. Very important factor for me, as I don’t have patience  in this department
  • Gives a glossy and nice effect
  • Easily available across stores

Any Dislikes:

  • None for me

Which shades are your favorite girls? With this range you can paint your nail with any color you want. So which color is it for you ?? I am so waiting to try out their other lovely shades.

Rooh Afza for your Nails

Have you ever had Rooh Afza in Summers ? It has such a soothing and cooling effect. I love the instant signals it sends to your brain, which says Body Get Ready and get up from the Sofa , I am feeling refreshed now 🙂 😀

When you apply the soft pastel shades on your nails, the similar signals you get when u look at your lovely nails. You know once I had put them on , and I so loved my nails that I kept on adoring and loving my nails for hours. 🙂 .. I know girls can go crazy some times over stupid small stuffs 🙂

Pastel NailPaints
Pastel NailPaints

I have put together some of the beautiful pastel shades of nail paints I have come across recently. Most of them are from Maybelline, this is because though I am die hard fan of nail paints(yes I change nailpaints every week, so I am sporting a new shade every Monday ), I don’t like to shell loads of money on them. They eventually dry out and it is quite sad when that happens.

Maybelline Color Show
Maybelline Color Show

Oh by the way girls if you have not tried the Maybelline Colorshow  range yet, then do not wait any further. They have awesome range of shades, ie with 40+ colors, theres one for every girl. Detailed post on them coming soon.